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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lunches are better when not planned...

My oldest, longest friend (not kidding, we were baby pals) Brianne, was in town yesterday for a doctor visit for her little munchkin-poo. Not having much time to girl talk a lot over the past couple of months, it was nice to sit down over shared salads and egg rolls for that chit-chat over every topic available.
Bri is one of those lights in a persons life that is hard to escape from. Wanting to gravitate towards that wonderful light and be surrounded by it. Her love of friends, vast brain (seriously, ask her anything and she will know something on the subject!) and views on life's little moments are just many of her wonderful qualities. How great is it to be surrounded by people like that? Lovely.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday Craft Update-Finally a Model!

I have made more cowl scarfs over the last couple of weeks, but because most of them were quite big I really had no way to photograph them. With the friend from the post yesterday, I was able to have her come over for a few minutes to get some of the pictures that needed to be done. Through laughing and fun, the pictures turned out perfect with the soft gently falling snow. A few will be going up in my store today and the rest of the week as well. Probably a few next week too!
Have a crafty week!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

That cup of warm Jo.... wonderful conversations... and people who are amazing..

A good friend came to town this past weekend, so of course we had to meet up for our usual. Usual place, usual coffee, (almost) usual time. She is off in school in the town that we were living in before, which makes our get-together a little more few and far in between with the fact that we moved a month after she got there. It is one of those situations where we've know each other most of our lives, in fact I use to babysit her at the church camp that we would visit to during off season. Through out the years of graduations, and marriages, we 'knew' each other, but never really got to 'know' each other. All that is changing. Now I can call her and count her as one of those people you hope will stay in your lives for many, many years to come. A true friend.
Such and amazing woman she is turning out to be too. Kind and generous of heart. Genuine and funny. There are so many good qualities that she has that make her one of those people that need to be in this world. That make it a better place just having them in your life. The kind of person that makes the world seem extra special in knowing that there are people out there that really, truly care. And she does care. About me, the life she is starting to make, friends, and even my wonderful son (who, by the way, adores her too).
So here's to Mallory. Her cute boots, cheerful smile, just plain awesome-ness, and here's also to our years to come of conversations over that cup of Jo. Cheers lady, you rock!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Like No Time Apart

Nothing can beat a few days with a great friend, and her wee one.
Spending time, hanging out, laughing and talking.
Of course adding the little bits of shopping in the mix.

Enjoying the sunshine with two wonderful kids running around.
Conversations that never end .

Monica and her pretty hair.

Mixing drinks and playing games. Realizing that even though the time apart
has been almost a year, it doesn't feel like a day has gone by.

More sun with squeals and giggles mixed in, by both tots and adults.
Lounging by the pool and wishing for just one more day for the laughing
and stories to continue.

Until next time...

Monday, July 5, 2010

A Night Out on the Town

We had some great friends over for the Holiday weekend, and a rare treat with hiring a babysitter for Saturday night, so the adults could get some fun time!
With a parade and fireworks, and great food, catching up with friends made the weekend extra special.
And P.S. A very special little boy has his birthday tomorrow!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Starting Something New That Is Old

I have been a wanna-be photographer for a very, very long time. Recently a friend of mine who is a photographer was showing me her pictures that she had matted for a craft fair that she was attending. After talking with her, I realized why haven't I done this myself? I have quite a few photos that I will be adding to my shop soon. I want to do a bit of research first to make sure that I have things organized, but keep posted and I will let you all know when they are up for sale!
The above photo is one of my most recent pictures. Flowers from the Hubs for missing me. I had it printed into a 16x20 and framed it myself. It is now hanging above our kitchen table. I'm in love!!!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

New Addittions to my Shop!

Happy soon to be 4th of July!
My friend Monica
is a huge 4th of July nut. She loves this holiday, and after realizing that it is coming up next weekend, I wanted to get in the festive mood! I made myself a red, white and blue bracelet and then thought, what the heck!? I'll make one for my shop too! It's just a silly, fun one, but you never know!

I also have added another bracelet to my shop. I have one more new one that I need to put up but I realized there is a part of it that I need to fix first! It's a bit too heavy with the large beads that I used, so I need to shorten it a bit first before adding it.
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jenny's Flowers

I got to catch up with an old friend this past weekend. It was really great to chat for a couple of hours and really talk. She showed me around her house and her new business. And with her permission I will be posting pictures of her new business soon! But after the ugly beautiful-ness of the tornado pics, I needed some just, beautiful. And fortunately she has that all around her deck at her home. Flowers galore. How nice to be welcomed home by these beauties??

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Little Music Love

I heart this man.... ahhh... he is so dreamy and such a good musician! Early Sunday afternoon, a friend of mine called to tell me that she had an extra ticket to see Gary Allan that night. The Hubs and I had wanted to go but didn't have the extra budget for two pricey tickets. But, one ticket isn't that bad!!! What a fun night it was, with laughter, friends, and good music! Hopefully, this coming summer I can go to a few more of my favorites that will be in town. Finger Eleven is next on my list!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday Craft Update-Etsy Shop Finally Open!!

Great news! I finally opened up my shop on Etsy on Friday and within two hours my very first item (and only one listed at the time) sold! I was so excited!!! There are 21 items currently up for sale, so go take a peek and let all of your friends know! Here is the link...

I chose Rya Creations for my shop name as it would allow me to not be too specific with what type of crafting or art I would list, and Rya is my new nickname! Haha! It's actually my initials... R Y A, and I would like to thank Monica from My Life As A Mommy And Wife for helping me with the name. Her critique and support of all the different names, was helpful! And thank you also to Shey from SheyB for the inspiration to start a shop on Etsy.

I will soon be putting up a mini Etsy on my blog, but feel free to check out my shop any time!

And of course... don't be afraid to spend a little money on me either. ;)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sundays with Fritz-The Case of the Water Boy-Part Two

Saturday night, Mommy and Daddy and me went over to our friends house to have a 'last BBQ' before we move and won't get to see them as much anymore. At our friends house, there is a huge yard for me to go all crazy and run around in. I can't wait to be in our new house with the big yard too! Too bad the end of summer will shorten my time to play.... oh well. I guess I will have to wait!
Anyways... I noticed that they had a big shiny ball lying in the grass. I thought it was mine at first, as I have one identical to it. Well, not identical I guess. Mine is a smaller version. In my confusion, though, I ran over to get it not realizing that the sprinkler was in my way. Ahhh, who cares! I had to get that ball at all costs, nevermind a little water!
Luckily, Mommy has a spare set of dry clothes that she keeps in my bag at all times. However, she did realize that it was time to update the spare set as the pants were too short for me now!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Past Weekend

We had a lovely time visiting some friends this past weekend. We dropped Fritz off at my parents house then headed two hours from my hometown to where this couple lives. My husband has always wanted to visit this town, and now that we know people who live there, why not?
We enjoyed a nice adult night out on the town. A wonderful dinner and then beers at a couple of different hot spots.

A wonderful park that was shaded with lovely old trees to block out some of the heat of the day.

A fish hatchery with HUGE fish. This guy looks small, but trust me, all the fish were enormous!

We also were able to tour the local Air Force base, as my friend's husband is in the Air Force. The neat thing about going there was that even though my husband and his family are from a different state-Idaho-my husband's brother use to work at this exact base! And to make it even weirder... the husband of my friend who works here, and the brother of mine (he no longer is in the military) both were/are in the same job!

The best part, was hanging out and chatting up with lots of laughter and great stories. Here's to fun weekends with good friends!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Good News and a Fun Weeknd Ahead

Fritz and Chase. Aren't their feet so cute?

We got back from the bank with smiles on our faces as we were approved for a great loan to buy a house! Such a relief!

Although, Fritz didn't have quite the lovely day. He had to be dragged to the Doc's office for his one year check up and shots. Poor boy. But, he did get to have a play date with his buddy Chase while we were away. So hopefully he forgot about his ucky morning!
Tomorrow we are off to visit some friends for the weekend, and dropping off Fritz to spend some time with Gradmee and Grandpee.
Have a great couple of days everybody!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Cats & Dogs-And Other Rain Stories

Last night we were pelted with rain. Slow, soft rain at first, then the hard, fast rain began. It was coming down so fast and furious we didn't know if we would be washed away! It was a pleasing sound however and especially with the knowing that in the morning with the twinkling waking sun, the grass would glow from its new potent mix of life.

Alfie the cat hiding under a drying umbrella.
With the pelting rain I was remembering a camping trip a couple of years ago that we took with some friends to my favorite mountains the Absarokas. With the couple living in a separate town from us, we decided to meet up in the small town before the road to the campsites. Of course things never work on a perfect clock and we didn't get to meet up with them until almost ten at night. By the time we made it to an open meadow campsite, it was a complete downpour. We knew that it would be way too late to travel any further to the campsite that we wanted to stay in, so we picked the quickest spot to set up fast, fall asleep, and break camp in the morning to continue our adventure. When we left the town for our travels it was a steady rain, but by the time that we started to get out the tents and camping gear it was a full on waterfall of rain pelting on our heads. Within three or so minutes we were completely soaked through. We got the tent set up and some tarps for added protection around, but by bedtime the coldness from the late evening and cold rain wouldn't let us catch much zzzzz's.
The next morning we got ready to go further in to the mountain to the place where we wanted to stay (Maria... do you remember Hicks park right before the meadow to take us to camp?). When we got there the rain clouds started to appear again. "Oh no!" we were all thinking at the same time. "Not a repeat of last night!" So out came the tarps again and we built rain and wind shields in case of flash flood of down poring rain. But luckily for us, the rest of our two days we had beautiful weather!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Catching Up Over Pitchers Of Beer

When I was home for the past weekend I saw an old dear friend of mine. We hadn't seen each other in a couple of years and had lost contact. It was exciting to be reacquainted with somebody whom was a good friend over my high school years. She was down for the day to go to the garage sales that we were putting on. She came to ours and luckily I was at it and not taking care of Fritz at the house! If I had been with Fritz instead of the Hubs I wouldn't have seen her!
We chatted for a few minutes before she left to go to a few more sales. A few hours later she sent me a message that said her husband was coming into town from the city that they live in and would we (the Hubs and me) like to go out for a drink and catch up some more? Since Fritz was born my husband and I have only been alone together for a total of maybe 4 hours. So an evening out would be awesome! Fritz went to bed, my parents stayed home with him, and off we went! I had never met the husband of my friend so it was nice to meet him (luckily the Hubs and her husband hit it off tremendously! The Hubs was nervous that he might be a "dud" and would be bored out of his mind.).
Over pitchers of an awesome beer (I had four glasses plus another kind of beer, and two liquor drinks-surprisingly I never got drunk!) we reconnected with tales of the past and plenty of laughter having a wonderful time. Promises for more get-togethers in the future, it was a fun filled night that we won't forget!

P.S. This is a sad little picture that I took last night. I had a very artsy pic from our empty pitchers and glasses from our outing, but once again, I am a gimp and accidentally deleted all of my wonderful pictures over the past weekend.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Welcome Baby Chase!

My good friend Monica finally was able to get rid of her baby belly to the real thing! Baby Chase was born this morning weighing in at 8.5 lbs and 20.5 inches long! He is a sweetheart! So tiny too!
As I was holding him for the first time, I kept thinking back to the first moments when I held my son ***** (a.k.a. Fritz). Was Fritz as tiny as this newborn? In fact they are almost identical to their birth measurements which is driving me crazy to think that my son was yes, this teeny-tiny long ago. Oh, how I miss those days already! Fritz is still small to me, but after comparing the two boys, now he seems unbelievably huge. Although Fritz is only 10 months older and still a baby, I can't wait to go back to the hospital tomorrow to hold baby Chase again and feel that smallness in my arms.
Welcome to the world Chase!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Morning with Friends and Fun

We started off our morning with coldness and snow falling, but decided that we should get out and do something anyway. My good friend Monica new of a "garage sale" at our fairgrounds so we went to that early this morning to see if there were any good finds. They had mostly children's clothes and toys but a few rows of odds-n-ends as well.
We then went to Old Navy to see if they had any baby clothes on clearance.
Next Monica (who is due at the beginning of May with her second child) was in the mood for Taco Bell, so all of us (Monica's husband and son, the Hubs and Fritz and I) headed over there for some fast food. I love their hot sauce!
After our quick lunch, Monica told us that it was free day at the Museum of the Rockies. After a quick stop at our house to feed Fritz his lunch, we set off to see the new exhibit. They had a free Astronomy day with lots of high tech telescopes-so cool! They also had a wonderful exhibit of the photographer Edward S. Curtis who took beautiful photos of early nineteen hundreds Native Americans. And lastly for the kids they had a room full of how toys work and a big tree house showing what kind of animals and creatures could live there.

It was a fun filled day. I only wish it had been warmer! Fritz and his Daddy at the entrance to the Museum of the Rockies.
Fritz and his Daddy in the tree house.

Monica and her beautiful baby belly.


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