Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wednesday Craft Update-Bead Fair Good Times

This past weekend there was a bead fair at one of the hotels in our city. Fritz, the Hubs and I all went to check out what they had to sell. Man oh man I could have spent all day there! But of course, I don't have a million dollars to spend and the prices were not all that different from the bead stores that I go to here. It did allow me to salivate, though, with possibilities of jewelery to come, and I did allow myself a small basket of purchases. So, we will see what I come up with with those new beads!
One of the funny parts of the bead fair was, while I was searching through piles and piles of gorgeous colors of beads, I was playing tag-your-it with an older lady who had on waaaaay too much older lady perfume! I nearly choked multiple times when she kept coming up right next to me to look at the same containers I was. I was laughing on my way out as it was funny to me (and I know to a lot of people) that, how do these people not get it that they stink? Although, she did help me to spend not as much money. Only because I had to get away from her!
I finished a scarf last night and another crochet brooch. I will post pictures next week, but I am excited to show the new scarf especially as it is something different that I have never done before! Hmmm... I might actually have the second one finished by then too. We'll see!
Have a crafty week!
P.S. I added a Mini Etsy to the side of my blog. Do you like it? It's cute isn't it!!!

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Monica said...

hahaha...old lady perfume! Remember the old lady meetings in the conference room and the smell that would follow them upstairs to our desk? Ick!


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