Thursday, February 24, 2011


...naps are just better when taken on the floor.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday Craft Update-Finally a Model!

I have made more cowl scarfs over the last couple of weeks, but because most of them were quite big I really had no way to photograph them. With the friend from the post yesterday, I was able to have her come over for a few minutes to get some of the pictures that needed to be done. Through laughing and fun, the pictures turned out perfect with the soft gently falling snow. A few will be going up in my store today and the rest of the week as well. Probably a few next week too!
Have a crafty week!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

That cup of warm Jo.... wonderful conversations... and people who are amazing..

A good friend came to town this past weekend, so of course we had to meet up for our usual. Usual place, usual coffee, (almost) usual time. She is off in school in the town that we were living in before, which makes our get-together a little more few and far in between with the fact that we moved a month after she got there. It is one of those situations where we've know each other most of our lives, in fact I use to babysit her at the church camp that we would visit to during off season. Through out the years of graduations, and marriages, we 'knew' each other, but never really got to 'know' each other. All that is changing. Now I can call her and count her as one of those people you hope will stay in your lives for many, many years to come. A true friend.
Such and amazing woman she is turning out to be too. Kind and generous of heart. Genuine and funny. There are so many good qualities that she has that make her one of those people that need to be in this world. That make it a better place just having them in your life. The kind of person that makes the world seem extra special in knowing that there are people out there that really, truly care. And she does care. About me, the life she is starting to make, friends, and even my wonderful son (who, by the way, adores her too).
So here's to Mallory. Her cute boots, cheerful smile, just plain awesome-ness, and here's also to our years to come of conversations over that cup of Jo. Cheers lady, you rock!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sundays with Fritz-The case of "SUN!!!!!!!!!".

It was really nice and warm one day, so Mommy took me to the park! It's been so long since we were able to play with all the wonderful things that a park has! Sadly, it has snowed again. One day isn't really good enough for me, but oh well, I guess I will just have to wait longer.
But..... I'm having more fun right now than ever! After two months of not seeing my G & G, I finally get to spend some time with them. I have been playing and having a ball with them all weekend long. I even got an extra day because of the snow! Mommy and Daddy I'm sure miss me, but ya know...I'm having too much fun to even think about them!
Kisses and hugs,
Fritz... signing off.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Slowly Fading...

It seems that those sledding days are soon to be gone. Not that we have had much snow this season, but any is good enough for little boys.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

One of those nights... Summer I miss you.

A perfect (Winter?) day with warm, warm weather and sunshine all around. Fritz and I spent a good hour outside basking in this special day in what normally would be cold and frosty. Moving on into the afternoon, fresh breezes came drafting through the kitchen window. Ahhh. Smelling that fresh breath of air it seemed that with the night approaching it would be perfect for a BBQ. Chancing it? If a BBQ happens are we challenging the weather to say "Hold up there, it's still Winter! What'cha think you are doing?". Maybe.
Man was the food good.
The perfect ending to the sudden special day was the sunset that has been missing for months. It seemed a summer sky sunset of warm, rich colors. Mind tricks. And really so now as the forecast is saying cold and snow to be headed our way. Damn.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A fresh surprise.

We aren't ones to really make any kind of celebration on the heart day of Valentine's, I'm not an 'anti' heart day person, or a 'for' kind of one either. It's really just another day to me. But... it was a little bit of a surprise to see the Hubs walking up to the house with these pretties! I haven't had fresh flowers in the house for such a long time, so this is a double good thing. Let's make that triple has he picked out flowers in my favorite colors!

Monday, February 14, 2011

My Sweet Valentine

My treasured little boy got a special early Valentine on Sunday. After two months of being away (and using Skype on a regular basis) my parents came back home from their travels. After breakfast it was time to make those extra special Valentine cupcakes. Special in the two that were making them. Decorating and eating was the icing on the cake after the laughter and fun of one little boy and a special day. Happy Valentines Day to all out there!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Good morning Moon.

So far.... every morning (except one-wink, wink) I have stayed true to my resolution of waking early around the same time Monday through Friday. I have most enjoyed the few silent moments of the calm air of dawn, and the scents of fresh brewed coffee. The growing light of day leaves the nights that I love behind, but during these brief slots of time there is a crossworld of sorts. On those rare days at just the right stop of the clock, in the mornings' first breath, the Moon still hovers not wanting to let go of the night.
That's me. Seeming to be forever stuck in some crossworld where if I were to move back or forward it would change everything. I can't be stuck here forever, so, soon...I need to take that step.

Monday, February 7, 2011

No it's not summer, but what the heck...

Camping season? Nope. But that didn't stop us from having a bit of fun on Friday evening. Finally trying out our Christmas gift from my parents, it turned into a perfect time for some marshmallow roasting. And oh! How much fun a certain little boy had!

As of today, however, we will have to wait again to add that chocolate to the marshmallows, as snow is blowing in wisps and swirls outside. Once again, every thing of the outdoors is white. I guess that means we will just have to go sledding...

Friday, February 4, 2011

A secret meeting??

Cats are funny. We all know that, but seriously? I guess my three just needed a new hang out space for the day. I still can't really understand how they all ended up heading in the same direction. But... on further thought, maybe they were waiting for their Mommy to feed them!
*Food bowl downstairs, so of course this would be the perfect spot for the Kitties to block my escape to outside with out the detour of the precious-have-to-be-full-to-the-top-or-else food bowl.


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