Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday Craft Update-New bracelets in the shop!

*Pale Me Pretty*

*Four Times Purple*

Visit my shop here!
And enjoy a crafty week too!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I took a picture of this picture that hung in my room or in my house for almost 15 years. I wanted to remember it, but didn't want to hold on to it anymore. A vacation in the Caribbean, a small Mexican tourist trap, and a painter.
The fad of the time was to paint works of art with spray paint and use objects (cardboard cutouts, rocks, bowls, anything) to achieve some type of 'scene'. It was amazing to watch a work in process at how quick the artists had become. I'm sure it was more about getting American dollars than the art, but still fascinating.
After viewing three or four artists around town, I just couldn't quite decide. I had given up on my quest for the perfect picture until the last stop of the day. And there it was. In my favorite colors with a scene that instantly felt 'me'. The paint was still a bit damp, but I wasn't disappointed that I hadn't witnessed the artist making this one. The mystery of how it became was just as important to me as what the painting said to me.
But over the years, and changes in life, the girl who stared into the painting with wonder and dreams is a completely different person now. No magic anymore could be seen coming through the art. So off it went. Sold to a young lady. But I'm OK with that.
She can have the dreams and wonderment now.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Friday, October 22, 2010


Enjoying the last bits of warm weather. How many more days do we get? It seems that every morning that I see the sun peeking out, I get nervous and a bit sad, but also a bit excited, knowing that snow is just around the corner. It's the weather guessing game.
And soon, we will trade the light jackets for those snow pants and layers. And instead of warmth, breath misting out when we step into the winter.
Ok Season of Cold.... bring it on. I'm ready.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday Craft Update~~Busy Beading

*I Do*


*Golden Sunrise*

It seems like that is all I have been doing for almost two weeks! I have gotten into such the 'groove' that I'm not even cleaning up at night and leaving all crafts out so I can start on them again after breakfast. Thank goodness for some cartoons in the morning, so I can go about pretty much undisturbed.
I believe I have made around ten new bracelets, and slowly they are being listed in my shop. And in great news one of my new items was listed in a treasury! I was very excited about that.
*Treasury is where owner's pick different items from different shops to have a collection. If the Etsy team likes your pick of collections over others, they will show it on the front page. BIG advertising for your store could happen!!
In other crafty news... I have decided to put off the photographs for just a bit longer as with the change in season, it would be much smarter to put up my scarfs! That is the goal between now and Thanksgiving. Maybe not all of the scarfs listed but at hopefully some!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sundays with Fritz-The Case of the Stickerzzzzz

Mommy got some free stickers in the mail and she was happy to give them to me to play with. We spent a good half hour going through them, peeling them off, then I would get to stick them on me!!! Well, I'm sure you kinda guessed that with the picture in all.
Don't stickers sometimes just make everything better???

Fritz signing off....

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Oh Deer...

It doesn't seem crazy to me anymore to walk out on my deck and see some deer just hanging around. I throw things at them (notice the green bucket) and they just give me the 'yeah right' look. But seriously?? How about the one just lounging on the ground? Smart ass deer

Friday, October 15, 2010

Finally having the Fall

Enjoying this years Autumn Season (finally) in our new town. Missing it last year for some terrible weather, where the views of fall were never shown. Looking out the front windows and seeing the landscape ever changing from last bits of Summer to those colder months starting soon. Hearing the crickets at night slowly fade to silence. And loving those cool crisp morning breezes coming through an open window, every morning pushing the limits to when they will be closed for good. Boo.
But... most importantly, finding that crafty groove again.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday Craft Update-Soon to be on shop. And... Bonus Mini-Vacay Photos.

Here are my favorite photos that came about on the last day of my mini-vacay. I'm in love with so many of them I might need to get one of those multiple picture holder frames!!! I am still doing a bit of research before my photos go up on my shop, but I have a goal of having them up for sale before the end of the month. Yes! I can do it!!!!!!
Which photo is your favorite?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sundays with Fritz-The Case of the Umbrella Boy

Downtown was having a fall festival sort of thing. The weather people had said it was suppose to be really nice out. Umm.... yeah. I think they got the days wrong, 'cause today is really nice, but yesterday was a bit chilly and rainy! Oh well.
There were vendors with yummy smelling food and makers of jewelry (not my Mommy though) and a place for kiddos to color on pumpkins. We didn't get to stay too long because of the rain, but it was fun having Daddy chase me all over the place!!
Fritz signing off...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mini-Vacay Day 3--Part 2~~~Nothing but beach.

The day ended gloomy, and misty. But, what says a gorgeous beach has to be only pristine sun and golden sand??

Haystack Rock.

The beach houses of Cannon Beach.

Just a tad too cold for swimming I think.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mini-Vacay Day 3-Part 1~~~Luxury!

Relaxing for a few moments to pop a few pieces of salt water taffy in your mouth whilst staring at the waves crashing and hearing the roar of such a powerful water source drown your ears. Yep, that's definitely the best way to spend a day/night at the beach. Beach front resorts!!

My cousin had planned for us a night away from Portland to drive to Cannon Beach. I have been to a couple other towns in that area, but I don't recall being at this particular one. Having so much fun, laughing and car dancing on the way over, we were greeted with beautiful sunshine and awe at the luck of such awesome weather. Granted, it did only last about an hour, but hey! Can't win it all! Being too early to check in to the resort we started to journey towards the town area and find a place for lunch. Such cute stores and businesses there!

Wandering up and down streets after a yummy lunch, camera in hand, the middle part of the day being the best so far. Heading back to the hotel to check-in, a small detour to head to the beach to gaze across the ocean and feel the sea-spray slap your face.

Dressed up and feeling all girlie, and evening of something new awaited us. A cooking class/dinner combo with amazing food and wine. Trying things new for the taste buds. Some scrump-deli-umpcious, some... not. But hey! Anything once right?

And dessert... nothing more really to say about that, except maybe YUM.

Tummy's full and heads swimming with good wine, the hotel suite was beckoning us with soon to be sleep. The best part? Falling asleep to the waves crashing on the beach.

But before that, to take a few moments to myself, I ventured out side. Late in the evening I wandered down the sandy path to try to see the moonless night ocean. Standing with the wind, sand, and sea spraying me down, my hair tossing in circles, the darkness of night gave me those few moments to let my mind find that calm, quiet place it so rarely has.

Beach photos tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mini-Vacay Day 2---Let's take a drive and get some pizza.

More pictures of a wonderful, fun wee one. Taking a few minutes of time to have smiles and drools and laughs before shopping and naps in a stroller take place. And oh! The shopping! It was so fun to find some new pieces to add to my non-existing-woman-stay-at-home-mom-only wardrobe. Seriously, some cute pieces.

After exhaustion from stores and changing rooms, wearing one of those new outfits to drive through downtown Portland and head to a different location for a hip pizza joint. I love the entrance from the freeway tunnel to downtown. It just pops up, boom.
I remember the last time I visited during a Thanksgiving holiday and how an afternoon was spent walking the streets downtown with the Christmas decorations and holiday music just starting up. The streets were alive and bubbling with the first hours of holiday shopping.

Half way there... being stopped at a bridge to let a boat through. How exciting!!! I have always wanted to be stopped like this. Alas, though, we were a few cars too many behind to get much of a view.

On to new types of pizza and conversations with strangers. More laughter and stories of funny daily lives. A two hour dinner with memories to last a lifetime.
Back at the house, stepping outside to drink in some fresh night air, I noticed that the landscaping takes on such a wondrous night life all its own. A little up-lighting here and there and smells of blooms still holding on pushing the limits of Summer gone by, sure can bring a nice calm breath to a tired mind and body.
And tomorrow... the beach.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Mini-Vacay Day 1--Let's get some Jo.

These next few posts were intended for last week, but alas... I was down with the sickness. Boo.
All flights were on time and tiredness from the early morning was pushed aside with excitement of the weekend. First stop was for Thai food. I have never tasted this cuisine so my mouth was all ready watering with possibilities of new found flavors. Coconut soup and jasmine tea were starters. Different, not wonderful, but so glad I tried them.

After unloading suitcases and bags at my cousins wonderful, beautiful new house we both needed a bit of a pick-me-up. Luckily the weather was quite perfect for a walk to a shopping center close the the house. And even better the walk was with such a picturesque street!

Enjoying the walk and the scenery, the buzz and energy of a bigger city, the best though, was just sitting down with a nice hot latte and chatting away an hour with one of my most favorite people.

Later that day, back at the house, I ventured outside to my cousins vast back yard. Ahhh... what a place!! Grape vines, mixed types of trees, flowers galore. And of course with the Portland weather, droplets of rain to be found on everything.

A quiet evening then was spent with family and their new wee one. Taking pictures of cute little hands and a smiling face. Home cooked dinner and laughter. And finally a bed to pass out on from exhaustion.
First day?? Awesome.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sundays with Fritz-The Case of the Cookie Monster

It takes complete concentration to eat a cookie this size. ;)
Fritz... signing off.


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