Thursday, September 24, 2009

Just a quick note...

Hi all. I get to use the computer tonight for a couple of hours and then I am off again for probably another week or so! Things have been going pretty good. I have spent the last few days painting the walls of the new house. I only was able to get a few rooms done, but the rest can wait until next year. The house had ALL white walls. Yuck! Nothing against people who like white walls, they can be pretty, it's just not me. Not the way I roll.


Now the weekend that I have been not wanting to happen is upon us. It's our official move out/in weekend. Two more nights of calm and then chaos soon to be had by all. I will post some pictures of the festival and details next time I am able to post. My camera cords are all packed so here is an older fave photo of mine.


Until then.... have fun everybody!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The First Leaf and a Few Updates

I watched the first leaf of soon to be Autumn fall today. It floated gracefully around before hiding out of sight. So the days of beautiful green, lush, leaves are almost gone. That's okay... I'm not unhappy, as Fall is my absolute favorite season.
The festival is this Saturday, and I have completed 48 scarves! I feel pretty good about that number as I am still working hard to get to 50, but I think I might be finishing the last one on the day of the festival. It has been a real challenge with trying to make my goal and organize a big move to a different city, while still being a Mom.
Well, this is to be just a quick post as I need to catch some zzzz's to wake up early and drive over two hours to close on our house! Yep, the day has finally arrived! It was suppose to happen on Wednesday, but was delayed for two days. I wasn't worried, it was just challenging to re-think all of the plans that were already in place. As Fritz left with Grandma today to stay for the weekend, I reminded him that although I won't see him for a couple of days it was important for us to be apart so we could get that piece of the American Dream!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sundays with Fritz- The Case of the "I Don't Like Packing!"

Let me tell ya something folks... I don't like all of this packing business that's been going on. There's boxes everywhere, and all of my favorite drawers and cabinets keep becoming empty! How am I suppose to play with mystery objects if they keep disappearing into boxes I can't open??!?!
Oh, when, oh when will this end?!
Mommy says to be patient that all will be getting normal again. But not at the house that I know! But... hmm. I guess there will be plenty of new adventures and discoveries to be made at the new place, right?

Friday, September 11, 2009

To My Grandmother With Love

One year ago today we lost you. The rock of our family, the one we would always turn to for advice and the wonderful woman whom would open her home, heart, and cooking for anybody that asked. The year has gone by with out you with life changing at every moment, but you have never been forgotten. And never will be.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wednesday Craft Update-A Day Late!

Yep, I'm a day late for the update. We are suppose to close on our house in less than a week, but I find out tomorrow if the closing will be delayed by a week. I'm okay with that, as then I have more time to make more scarves for the festival that is next weekend!!
I'm am surprisingly right on schedule for my goal of 50 scarves. I am currently finished with 47 and have started on another tonight. I thought I had finally found the yarn color to go with the blanket that I wanted to finish, but when I brought it home it didn't match. Yep, going to have to nix that blanket as nobody in town has that color anymore. Oh, well. I might have to just reuse the yarn for a scarf!
I also received in the mail my official announcement of what booth I will be in at the festival. Makes it more real now! For a couple of years I kept telling myself that I should do this, but never found enough guts to go through with it. Now there is no backing out and I actually feel a teeny tiny bit nervous!
My fear is that I will be one of those booths where people walk by, look, and keep on walking. I do feel that if I can sell enough to cover the cost of the festival booth, than I would at least come away with a new experience.
Here are only three of the scarves that I have completed for this week. The total done was 5... pressure can sure make my fingers work faster!

BIG thick heavy Aqua colored yarn.
(So thick and big was the yarn, that it was actually the hardest yarn to crochet as it made my fingers hurt pretty badly after only one row!)

Purple Fuzzy Yarn.

Aqua Blue Fuzzy Yarn.
(I'm in love with Aqua Blue!)

Monday, September 7, 2009


My cat Boo likes bags.
A few years ago when I moved from Boise, ID back to Montana, I didn't have a place to live for a couple of months. Staying with family and clothes in the trunk of my car, I missed my kitties very much. Boo and Melba (Alfie wasn't born yet) stayed at my parents house which we dubbed 'fat camp' as both cats lost weight from all the room to run around in.
One weekend when my parents were gone, Boo decided that he wanted to feast on an electrical cord. When my parents returned, they discovered Boo had serious burns in and around his mouth. They immediately took him to the vet in town and were glad to know that Boo had not lost his tongue in the feast. For weeks after, as the sores were healing, Boo would drool constantly.
I believe that my cats fascination comes from this experience. It's not only that he likes to sit in the bags and play with them, but he constantly licks them! I think that the smooth-ness of the bags feels good on his tortured tongue.
But of course... he taught this licking the sacks trick to the other cats. It doesn't bother me too much, but when you hear it in the middle of the night, it's kind of creepy!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sundays with Fritz-The Case of the Roll-Ups

Last Sunday morning, Mommy woke up craving something that she was saying is a family traditional breakfast. I guess they are like crepes? Don't know what those are either, but I'll smell/try anything I guess.

Of course I had to poke and prod the weird tortilla looking thing. It was soft and smelled 'bread-y' and the light butter and sugar inside sounded promising.

Daddy gave me a bite, and I did eat that first bite. But... yeah... I'm not so sure I like these things. But this Sunday morning, Mommy wanted to give it another go (she said she was still craving them) and this time I ate an entire one by myself! Mommy did say that I can't have them every weekend, as they are a special treat, and I think she packed the pan away already! Boo.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wednesday Craft Update

My camera battery is currently charging so I was not able to take a picture of the two completed scarves that I have for this week. So... I decided to throw in these darling photos of Fritz when he was ten months old helping me with a scarf. He thought it was just the most silly thing to have that yarn on his head!

So two more completed to add to the pile. I had started on another and got half way through when I discovered that the hook had disappeared! I think my couch ate it, but I'm too scared to go rummaging around as it has been quite awhile since I removed the cushions for a good vacuum. Until I get up the courage, that one is waiting. In that scarf limbo, I started a new local University scarf as I do believe that those specific color scheme ones will sell quite well with the festival being at the perfect time for football season at that school. I only have three in those colors so the more the (hopefully) more money!


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