Thursday, April 30, 2009

Warning: Boring Post (But Exciting For Us!)

The Hubs has needed new tires on his truck for quite some time. Quite some time meaning around two years!! The tires would be very expensive for the truck but last week when the Hubs was leaving work he discovered a flat. The flat tire was down to the threads, but luckily he had a spare. With the Hubs driving back and forth so much (still working in a distant town) it was not safe for him to drive anymore on those bad, old tires. We found a great deal/sale on some new ones and here they are! And better yet? We had the money to buy them and not go in the hole this week!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Wonderful Dad!

One of my most favorite pictures of my Father holding hands with Fritz when Fritz was only three weeks old.

Wednesday Craft Update

I finished this dark blue/purple scarf this morning. It was my third attempt at it as I only had one skein of the blue (didn't want to run to the store to purchase one more for the 5 inches needed) so I had to play around with it to see what would work best. It originally was going to be only the blue, but after I realized that it would not be possible to finish with one skein, I discovered that I still had a little of the purple left from a previous scarf. The scarf is so thick and warm, perfect for a cold snowy day like today!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


touch the Sun
breath in
the Sky above
and hold it

We can be Here
Always if we
Let us be

the Strength
Surround us
gather us
Treasure it
this new found
cement it
in the Purest of stone...
Let it embrace
Magic that
we have chosen

tumble those Walls
tear them
can't let them keep us
from Reaching
this love we Can give

It's too Beautiful to
stack them up again
maybe a Risk
but the worth?

see it Shine
in my face
in my eyes
feel it
in my Skin

Beauty. Love. Us.
don't Fade away...

4.27.09 Sage Parks
*Dedicated to the Hubs, when we first fell in love.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Gross? Nah...

My friend Monica makes fun of me when I mention to her about one of my favorite "snacks". In fact, a lot of people have told me that they think this is weird, but why? Peanut butter and carrots. Yum! Why would people think this is so odd/gross? We put peanut butter on celery and apples, right? So why not carrots!?! I had gotten a serious craving for this they other day, so I had to bust out the ingredients (can't be easier than two!) and chow down. Ah... food heaven. Go ahead, try it. You will like it! Monica did end up trying it once after many times of me trying to get her to, and she did finally admit that it wasn't as bad as she thought it would be! Hmm.. now where did I put those carrots?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sundays with Fritz-The Case of The Dancing Balloon

Mommy and Daddy went shopping around to a few stores yesterday. Not to buy anything but to get prices for some new appliances, and of course they had to drag me around! But the fun was just in store for me (pun intended people). When we got to the Home Depot they had balloons there for the kiddies! I don't really know what a balloon is, but it was bright, pretty, and it danced up high in the air! I had so much fun pulling on the string seeing the balloon go up and down, up and down. Of course I had to whack Mommy in the face a couple of times too. If my hair is going to be frizzy because of that weird electricity thing, then darn-it! So was hers!!!

Thanks Mommy and Daddy... I like my new toy. But, um... how come it isn't dancing anymore?

That's all folks...Fritz signing off.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Beautiful in Color

After such a darker post yesterday, I needed to bring some beauty to mind. This is my Mother's orchid that has bloomed so wonderfully in its vibrant color. The world is so much prettier when colors like these are drenched in our surroundings.
I love orchids, but unfortunately they do not love me so much. I have taken a class on them (how to care for and what types) but my house only wants to kill them. Which is truly a hard thing to do as they are one of the most 'hard to kill' plants around. So instead I photograph them. That way they never die...

Friday, April 24, 2009


Yesterday morning, a friend of mine called to tell me that she had heard from her husband (who I believe works with the Sheriffs office? - Sorry if that is wrong S) who was currently at our Park at a house that is near to us. This friend had told me that she had (also) read on the Internet that a husband had killed his wife and that was why my friends husband was in our location. The house that this happened in is next to our communal mailboxes that my son and I walk to almost daily to retrieve our mail. I was freaked out quite a bit as not the day before at around the same time that the incident occurred, Fritz and I had been at the boxes on our way home from a beautiful walk, peaceful and at all ease. It's crazy to me to think that in less than twenty four hours time it wouldn't feel that way.
We live in a small town compared to the rest of the U.S. Only about 30,000 annual residents. Crime like this does not happen that often here. We of course are not immune to any sort of crime, it's to be expected anywhere where a person might live. It just always seems to happen somewhere farther away. I don't feel unsafe in my house that we have lived in for nearly six years, nor will I in the future, as I do realize the fact that it doesn't really matter where you live, things can and do happen anywhere.
The part that bugs me the most is that what if this had happened when Fritz and I had been at the mailboxes again on the day of the shooting? I like to go in the mornings when the air is fresher and sweeter so it would have been perfect timing, but (luckily, I guess) the weather was not so nice for us that morning. It started to rain before we awoke for the day, and slowly turned into snow that lasted until this morning. But what if it hadn't been such crappy weather? That's what bugs me, the "what if?". However, that is life isn't it? Just one big "what if?".

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Beautiful Day

The sun was shining in all of its wonderful glory and the birds were chirping a sweet happy song. With this start of Earth Day, I couldn't resist taking Fritz on a walk. We headed out to discover some new neighborhoods and marveled at how fast the grass was turning green. Below is a picture of a long sidewalk that we took on our adventure. Now if only the trees would hurry up to match the grass!

This is a strange building that is close to where we live. I loved how the clear blue sky complemented the strangeness of the roof. This building is now a daycare center but I am not sure what it used to be? With these angles a church comes to mind.

Later that evening when the sun was finally setting on a perfect Earth Day, my entrance way was caught in the most golden of hues. Sadly our front door blocked half of the picture in shadows, but the orange yellow glow was just too delightful not to pass up without taking a picture.

Still later... In the last few minutes before the sun said goodnight, the trees out our front were slowly waving goodbye in a slight breeze that refreshed the staleness of the last bits of winter air.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday Craft Update

Finally finished! The silly scarf that I have been working on and off for two weeks is done. The picture below looks more purple colored than the dark blue that the yarn actually is. This one now completes three scarves that are the color of our local University. I thought it would be a good idea to throw some of these into the mix to sell as our town has a very high school spirit. The colors are blue and gold and the three that are completed are all different in their design. I am hoping to make a couple more in these colors and maybe some in the High School colors from the school where the festival will be held.

This next picture isn't a scarf but an ongoing project of mine that I started many, many years ago. This is my leftover yarn blanket. Anytime that a skein has only a little yarn left (or, if I am extremely sick of the color and have no plans for a future project with it) I add those bits to the blanket below. It has gotten quite large over the years but I am sure won't be done for a couple more! So instead of throwing those "little bits" away, I will be able to keep my lap warm in a funky colored blanket.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Love of a Good Cup

It was a coffee day yesterday. I hadn't had any home-brewed for awhile, so out came my favorite cup from my favorite coffee place. Unluckily for me, Montana does not have Moxie Java coffee here. When I lived in Boise, ID, it was my "place" to grab an awesome cup 'o joe. One of the last times that the Hubs and I visited I had to buy this beautiful tall orange cup as a memento of times past.
The second favorite part of the experience was the actual coffee. I can make do with any brand but my all time love is from down south. Waaay down south. My best friend/sister (not blood related) is from Bogota, Colombia S.A. She was and exchange student that came to live with my family when we were seniors in High School. We have kept in touch over the years and I miss her like crazy! (love you Cris... T.Q.M.) A summer ago, a work colleague of hers had a sister that was going to work in Yellowstone National park for a few months. This girl needed a place to stay before and after her season working for a couple of nights. I was happy to oblige as I love meeting new people. We welcomed our home to her and now have another friend to add to see on visits to Bogota. This wonderfully spirited young woman brought us many packages of fresh Juan Valdez Colombian coffee. Now, of course you can buy some in the stores but usually these have traveled very slowly over many miles so their taste is something to be lacking (still decent thought). The packages that we received seem to be much "fresher" in their deliscious smell and taste. Ahhh... exquisite!
Sadly, however, I am running very low on that special coffee. Maybe only a few more pots of coffee can be made, but I will enjoy every last drop!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Ducks 'n Snow

This was the tree out our office room window last week for hopefully the last storm of the season. It was a very strange snow/rain storm that even left a few limbs from trees across town down and out. But very beautiful after all was said and done. I chose to capture the tree in black and white as the dark limbs look mystical against the pure white snow. I love when trees have so much weight on them that the natural droop is dream-like. Sad however, when they break. Such is nature I guess.

The funny part in all of this was, the ducks! These ducky friends pretty much live around our neighborhood all year long. We have seen them in all seasons never leaving. Mostly just in groups of two but on Christmas day past, I counted around 25 sitting in the street (in the snow). The laughing bit was after that storm last week, watching the poor little duckies trying to walk in the new, high, wet snow! Hop... hop... crash. Hop... stop... look around-check your bearings... hop... hop. They looked like bunny rabbits having a very fun day playing around. Sad, poor little duckies! Luckily the duck with only one "leg" wasn't around. I feel bad for that little one knowing that she has such a hard time getting around. I have seen her here for the past three years and every time I do see her I am very surprised that she is still hopping along!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sundays with Fritz-The Case of The Breakfast Helper

After Mom had her vacation days and I got back from Grandmee and Grandpee's house, I was giving her a little too much heck. I guess I got way too spoiled when I was away so I wanted to let Mommy know that I had my eyes on her and wanted to do whatever I wanted to do. By the time Daddy got home Mommy was ready to start pulling out her hair again. I don't have much hair but I think it doesn't sound like much fun.
So Daddy told me he thought it would be a good idea that we make Mommy a special breakfast. Daddy got out my food chair, and after he gave me my very own yummy food we started to make some yummies for Mommy. Really Daddy did it all, but I was telling him how to cook things and directing him with my juice cup.
When Mommy woke up (we decided that we should let her sleep in since I woke up for some strange reason and 1:30 and 5:30 AM) we called her into the kitchen to show her what we had been up to. She was so surprised and gave me and Daddy a big kiss for what a good job we did. I didn't get to watch her eat anything as it was then time for a mini-nap for me, but she told me later she really enjoyed it! That's me telling Daddy what to do.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday Craft Update

There isn't much to update on as I have been taking a "breather" from computer, babies, and husbands! Fritz stayed with his Grandparents for a couple of days to give me a break (I haven't been alone for more than an hour since November of last year!) and the Hubs is still working out of town during the week, so I was able to catch up on some of my house to-do lists. Things that have been put off for way to long! Plus I needed some much uninterrupted sleep! I do have a scarf that I am working on and it is almost half way finished. It will be done by next week though... hopefully?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sundays with Fritz-The Case of the Easter Bunny!

Happy Easter everybody! I don't have a big post tonight 'cause I'm staying at my Grandmee's house for a couple of days and have tons of new stuff to play with, but just wanted to show you my cool basket of goodies that I got! Lots of books and a new shirt. I'm so lucky!
Later all!
Fritz signing off...

Friday, April 10, 2009

'Tis the Season...

...For awesome fruit smoothies! Making these in the Winter time is just plain no fun-ners, but once the weather starts getting nicer, mmmm... tasty!
The Hubs and I make these quite a bit for a snack or breakfast/lunch thing. Our favorite is strawberry banana. It's best with fresh fruit but more expensive. When the grocery store has frozen fruit on sale (for pie making-I don't bake) I grab those up.
My most tasty recipe is two bananas, one small cup of plain yogurt, a bit of apple juice and lots of strawberries. It is also really good with a mixed berry combo. Blackberries are a nice treat!
I'm off to enjoy!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Steady of Rain

Tink.. Tinkle... Ah the lovely sounds of a spring rain. I'm a rain girl. Out of all weather conditions rain is my favorite. The smell of an oncoming shower. The first drops to hit the earth. The feel of rain and it's silky smoothness on my skin. The quiet and steady of rain.
Last night it started. The first musical notes hitting the roof, growing louder to a nice drumbeat. How refreshing to hear this sound after the silence of snow. Would it continue? Falling asleep to the tinkles and tinks I wondered if our town would be out of the woods this late in the year and not be white in the morning.
Opening my eyes when Fitz came-a-calling for me, the sound was delightfully still there. Below is my world today outside my front door. Hmm... lovely.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday Craft Update

I finally finished the cream scarf! It felt so good to get that one done as it took two weeks. I didn't work on it that much (other things to do) but it's done and in the box with all of the others. I did make and complete one more. I found some wonderful thick, soft yarn on sale at a local store last week. I only wish I had picked up more of it. I got some dark blue as well as the purple, but haven't figured out yet what to do with it. I still have to decide on the colors for the next one I will make. Hopefully I can make two this week. (Fingers crossed)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Warm Sun and Open Windows

Could it be? Could it really be over 60 degrees today?? The mountains won't tell as they hold onto the last bits of snow. But ahhh.... so nice to be above freezing.

Fritz told me he thought it would be a great idea to go out and enjoy the day. We took an hour walk, stopping at stores across the street from us for supplies and just let the Sun warm our skin. Coming home, Fritz off for a nap, and me? Letting the sweet smell of hidden Spring come slowly through the kitchen window and knowing the snow will be replaced soon with flowers.

Monday, April 6, 2009


My weather widget says it is 40 degrees and sunny! I don't see any clouds in the sky either! Ahhhhh...... Yippee, Yippee, Yippee!!!!!!! I need to go bask in the sun now.

P.S. I noticed that my cats are a little "sun-drugged" today. That is Melba enjoying it for all she can!

A Gift For Mamma Fish

ShellyFish from Musings From The Fishbowl had a wonderful idea for her Mum's 60th Birthday. She wanted to make it a special occasion for the milestone so she came up with The 60-Day Project. This is a project where some bloggers and ShellyFish got together to send Mamma Fish handmade and/or non-handmade presents. They are coming from the United States, Canada and Europe. What a special way to celebrate 60 years! And what an awesome daughter to think of something completely unique and wonderful for her mother!
I wanted to partake in this event and thought I could send one of the scarves (pictured below) that I have made for the festival this fall. I love giving these away! A person can always go to a store and find a lovely "store-bought" scarf, but handmade ones to me, are so much better. I also included in the gift some Huckleberry Tea. Montana is big on Huckleberry things. We have chocolate bars, taffy, coffee and about anything that you could think of. So delicious! Lastly I added a postcard picturing the Gallatin Valley and the Bridger Mountains that I can peer at through my window every day. I wanted to find a picture of the actual town that we live in as it is breathtaking below the mountains, but I couldn't find one. When I saw the one above it was so simple and pretty, and I thought to myself "That is how Montana is to me".
The present is in the post and on its way to Mamma Fish. I hope she likes it and all the goodies she has been and will be receiving. Happy 60th Birthday to her!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sundays with Fritz-The Case of "Is There Something On My Face??"

Mommy got me some new treats to help me learn how to eat "big people" food.
They are pretty tasty, well, when I get them in my mouth I mean!

Mmmm... I'm gonna have to ask her for some more tomorrow I think!

P.S. Like my hair in this one? Mommy called it a mow-hawk I think?
Hmmm.. I wonder what that is?
See ya next week folks!
Fritz-signing off...

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Happy Birthday!

A Morning with Friends and Fun

We started off our morning with coldness and snow falling, but decided that we should get out and do something anyway. My good friend Monica new of a "garage sale" at our fairgrounds so we went to that early this morning to see if there were any good finds. They had mostly children's clothes and toys but a few rows of odds-n-ends as well.
We then went to Old Navy to see if they had any baby clothes on clearance.
Next Monica (who is due at the beginning of May with her second child) was in the mood for Taco Bell, so all of us (Monica's husband and son, the Hubs and Fritz and I) headed over there for some fast food. I love their hot sauce!
After our quick lunch, Monica told us that it was free day at the Museum of the Rockies. After a quick stop at our house to feed Fritz his lunch, we set off to see the new exhibit. They had a free Astronomy day with lots of high tech telescopes-so cool! They also had a wonderful exhibit of the photographer Edward S. Curtis who took beautiful photos of early nineteen hundreds Native Americans. And lastly for the kids they had a room full of how toys work and a big tree house showing what kind of animals and creatures could live there.

It was a fun filled day. I only wish it had been warmer! Fritz and his Daddy at the entrance to the Museum of the Rockies.
Fritz and his Daddy in the tree house.

Monica and her beautiful baby belly.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cold Snowy Day - Again

Oh, gloomy days. Please go away!
The sky has put upon the dreary colors of sadness once again. Over and over like a mantra in my head, I am screaming for a few rays of blistering sun to heat up my winter skin. The one good thing? Perfect day for soup.
One of my favorite kinds is Cream of Broccoli. Not the cheese and broccoli kind, although it is rare to find one without some kind of cheese in it. I don't mind this kind too much but prefer the more simple recipe.
Over ten years ago, my family went to St. Louis, Missouri for a convention. My sister and I would have to find things to kill the day off with boredom when the parents were in meetings. There was a restaurant next to our hotel that we ate at everyday for lunch. They do not have that chain up here in MT (I think it was called Coco's?) but I guess you could compare it to a Perkins or JB's. Nothing special but for their Cream of Broccoli soup. Oh, how I would love to have some of that again! I ate that every day and couldn't get enough. So sad on the last day there knowing it would be my last cup-o-soup.
Anyway...When I was at the grocery store yesterday I spied some tasty lookin' broccoli soup from their deli. I thought, ok, I have tried a hundred different kinds with cheese in the recipe looking for something that isn't too "cheesy" to resemble the bliss from Coco's (I've been searching a loooonnng time) I have even attempted to make my own cheese free kind (won't be doing that again!) but have never found one tasty enough. So I thought I would give this one a go. It wasn't too bad, but not the best I've had. Really gritty bits and the florets were pitiful.
Anybody know of a good recipe or store bought kind?

My snack. Isn't it beautiful?!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Still Trying to Find "Me" in All The Backgrounds

Sooo... I really did not love the old green background that I had. It just wasn't shouting me! I have yet to find one that I think I can live with for awhile. In the next few days or weeks (who knows?) hopefully I can find one that I will fall in love with.
Just trying out this one to see how it fits!

Wednesday Craft Update

I haven't done much for crafting this week. The creme colored scarf is half-way done but I haven't found the time to finish it yet. It should be done by next week though! I also have high hopes to finish and complete a new scarf to add to my pile. We'll see.
I did however, make two new bead necklaces. They are geared more towards little girls. I have always made longer more adult like ones, but decided that I was missing out on the tween/teenager market. I don't know how many "little" ones I will make, but hopefully a few more. Below are the two that I finished this week.


It's snowing again... When will it stop????


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