Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday Craft Update-Bracelet Fun!

I have made a lot of bracelets over the last couple of months, but have ran out of the wire. Hopefully I can get into town soon to make more.

Monday, March 29, 2010

A Little White and Blue

A year before my Grandmother passed, she called me over to her house one day to give me a plate. Over the years she had given me plenty of kitchen items so I was quite shocked to see the plate she had ready for me. My wonderful Grandmother knew how much I loved white and blue pieces and wanted to make sure that this was in my possession. I asked her about the plate and how she came to have such a piece of delicate treasure. She let me know that it was her Great Grandmother's and Grandfather's wedding dish set. This was around the 1890s and sadly only this one plate has survived. When I look at the plate, though, it makes me wonder about the life that these long ago relatives had led. Someday, I hope to find out.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sundays with Fritz-The Case of the Lipstick

Going through Mommy's purse is always fun. Treasures to be discovered each time I find her "hiding" place and check the pockets. This time I scored BIG!!! I found this neat little fat pen that could write on the walls and make pretty smudges. It even looks good on my face, don't 'cha think??

Fritz signing off...

P.S. Maybe next time I will have to find a better shade of lipstick...

Friday, March 26, 2010

Turning 30 Made Me Get A...

Teehehheheheheehee. Always wanted an eyebrow one, but a friend of mine went to get her nose pierced and I tagged along, all the while listening to her say what a perfect nose I had for such bling too. Who knew I would end up with one too???

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday Craft Update-It's Been Too Long

I can't even remember that last time I had a post for a craft update. I have still been crafting, not as much as last year, but enough to keep me from not feeling too far behind. However, now I am switching between crochet and beading. I do have quite a few bracelets photographed that I may put up next week if I haven't done anything new. Maybe with getting back to posting a bit more, it will force me to continue with great, fun hobbies!
Here are three new scarves that I finished that were something new that I was trying out. It is just standard double crochet, but I threw in a twist. Instead of one color of yarn, I did two in different hues of the same color but did not separate the yarn. Both strands were crocheted together. This makes the scarf much thicker, so it is hard to work with but turns out quite lovely looking. Perfect for those below zero days!
Click to enlarge and hopefully you can see the difference in color better.

Baby boy blue with a slate gray blue.

Lime green and light lime green. This is two kinds of thickness for the yarn as well, which made it a little bit funky looking!

Hot pink and baby soft pink. If you love pink, it's perfect!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This Side and the Other

Out our front window.

The first rain of the season came yesterday later in the afternoon, bringing that sweet earthy smell more deeply into my lungs. Ahhh... refreshing. It is still a bit chilly out, so there were a few fears of "Will it turn to snow?". Luckily, no.
Maybe this means winter is officially over? Of course it is with the calendar, but in MT, that doesn't mean a whole lot! It has been known to snow in summer, and usually people around here get too excited for Spring and the warmer days ahead that they cannot contain themselves, and start setting up their outside patios and cushions galore. Funny story... one time a few years ago, I heard one of the newscasters on a local channel say (and this was in May) that she waited a few weeks into the nice weather with patience for the promise that snow would not show up. Well, the very next day after she had spent all afternoon the day before planting in her garden and cleaning, and setting out her Summer gear, it snowed for a couple days. Ha!
My time?? If you can wait until Memorial Weekend, you should be good to go.
Back to the rain... hearing it lightly whispering on the window pains was such a wonderful sound. It has been so long to have those sights and smells. Yes, it has been a very loooong Winter for me, so I am truly ready for the change in Season. Maybe that will help with changes in myself as well?

Out the back door.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Fruit, Fruit, and More Fruit!

The spring and summer seasons bring to mind, besides blossoming trees and bumble bees, fruit that is ripe for the eating. One of my most favorite times last summer before we moved would be when Fritz and I would walk over to the local grocery store that was just across the street from us. They had the best selection of fresh fruit so at least once a week we would seek out anything looking really yummy.
Now that we are living in a new town, and the grocery store here is two or more miles away (also note that the new closest store has a produce section that makes me shiver in ugh, yuck-ness) I know that Fritz and I won't be able to do what we had in the past. Of course we will still go for walks, but sadly now we will have to drive almost ten miles to find yummy fruit goodness.

Side note... The pictures were taken at a Giant Eagle store where the produce selection was in a bigger area than my house! They even had room for an old time tractor to be decorated with fresh flowers to buy.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sundays with Fritz-The Case of the Giant City

A few weeks ago, Mommy took me on big airplanes to fly to a strange city called Pittsburgh. We were to spend two weeks visiting my Auntie M and my baby cousin J. I got to experience many new things and even got a celebrities autograph! Well, I was actually sleeping so Mommy got it for me, somebody named Scott Hamilton? Not sure what he is famous for but Mommy sure was excited to see and meet him.


This is me looking out over the downtown. So many buildings to look at!

I got to ride my first horsey! Well, it actually took me a couple of tries as the first few times it was too scary and I cried (but just a little bit!).

I had a really great time playing with my baby cousin. In fact, I even said my very first official sentence involving him! Grammy and Grandpy told me to say Hi, Baby J......, so I walked over to him and I did! Too bad Mommy was in the shower. She said to me that until I say it again, she won't believe me. Oh well.

Here's to more fun vacations!!!
Fritz... signing off.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Take Your Pick, Any Bridge Will Do

I heart bridges. I really do, and Pittsburgh is second (to Venice, Italy) for the most bridges in one city. Oh! I wish that I could have traveled on them all!

Three Ways Travel
It was a wondrous surprise to find this little tucked away place where two almost appeared to collide with each other.

Into The Dusk

Traveling to dinner one night, going into downtown Pittsburgh, this became my new favorite bridge. I love the wrought iron feel and the heavy industrial look. And yes, I do realize that most bridges do look a tad industrial, but for me? beauty. Yep, I'm a bit of a strange gal.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

This Will Make You Hungry

Yes, I am sure that there were a few vacation pounds put on. Especially with all of the yummy goodness that was to be had in the big city.
My sister and I took the kids to what she claims is her most fave place to eat in her new home of Pittsburgh, PA. And it was good too. The first three pics are of some of the tasty treats we had at that particular lunch. The chocolate moouse (yeah, I have no idea how you spell that) was heavenly and I had to put the picture first as it looks so pretty! Fritz had just as much good time eating this as I did. His face was proof afterwards!

A very awesome fried zucchini appetizer that we shared. Never had zucchini made this way but of course anything fried is going to be good.

My chicken parmigiana that was so big it was not to be finished. In fact, except for the dessert we were able to make a meal out of all of the leftovers for five people later that night!

This creme brulee was at a downtown place in Columbus, Ohio. Martini something. I only allow myself to have this goodness once in a couple of years as it really does not love me back. That's ok though, as I will put up with feeling sick for a couple of hours just for that 10 minutes of eyes closed with mouth watering delight!

My first chocolate martini! My sister made me one and although I am not one to sip coolly out of an actual martini glass, this was just fine and dandy to me. Sadly (I guess) I stopped myself at only one. Boo.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My New Cat Friend

My sister has two cats, and this gray beauty is her new addition that I had not met yet. Oh what a delight he was!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Friday, March 5, 2010

A New Decade Begins!

Today is my birthday and I turn 30!!!!! I can't believe that it is finally here. I have been dreading this day but very excited about it as well. I'm glad that my 20s are officially over as now I feel like I can start fresh and make my 30s completely awesome!!!


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