Friday, February 27, 2009

Blue Above, White Below

I was awakened at 4:30 this morning by my husband ready to hurry his morning travels to a distant town for work. The snow had fallen continuously through the dark hours, but when I peered out the window it looked to be daylight. How could so early of the morning be almost as bright as day? Ahhh... the mystery of sleepy eyes was solved.
Realizing that the lights of town had not escaped through the clouds, we set my husband off. It is a treat to have the orange glow surrounding the air. Nights like these happen every winter but are always a happy surprise. This early dawn made me want to grab my coat for a silent walk where no human lights were needed. It would be a wondrous time to stand outside and feel the stillness in the air. No noise, no traffic or wind. No voices to be heard. Just quiet.
As the day progressed and the sun wanted to warm the cold, leaving a crisp sky a radiant pearly blue. Made even more glorious by the twinkling white sparkles of leftover snow on the ground. So blinding after the past few days of gloom.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

No Footprints

It did decide to snow today. Yesterday in its gloominess gave us the flakes floating down since the morning. All day the peace of a light snowfall has made me crave a crackling fireplace loaded with the burnt smell of wood and smoke. To me that is one of the smells of comfort. Of home.
My parents have a beautiful fireplace. My father many, many years past placed every red brick surrounding it, circling around and up to the ceiling. It is a pattern I will never forget and I look forward to seeing in my memories when I have no glowing warmth in the house I live in now.
That fireplace was where to come to when home was finally reached after a day outside fighting the bitter cold. Even if there were no flames yet, the anticipation of the first few "crackles" would turn me giddy warming me untill the fire took its stead.
So today looking out on my deck, watching the falling glitter, I dared not to step outside. Too perfect in the soft snow to disturb.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

At the Winter End

The sky is very overcast and gloomy today and although I am excited for spring to come with its beautiful presence, I can't help but love these days of gray.

Is it going to snow? Maybe rain? One never knows when the cold dead of Winter is passing through to its next season. Here in Montana we will sometimes have a snow day in June or July.

But there is something promising about a day like this picture (taken near Phillipsburg, MT) where the unsure of weather can keep you guessing if days of sunny walks in the park are near, or another day curled up with a good book next to a blazing fire.

I think some tea sounds nice to add to the mood of watching the gray curl around white clouds and blue mountains. Maybe a bit of soft music or better yet, just stillness. The quiet before the storm.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Randomness of Facts

Sometimes the best way to get to know a person is through their strangeness or sometimes silly facts that make them unique and special. If you have a close personal friend, do you know every little weird thing about them that does make them so interesting and distinctive?

Here are a few of mine. Enjoy!
  • I have a love affair with trees. If I see a beautiful tree I can look at it for hours. The above one I shot at my favorite park in Boise, Idaho.
  • I am a true night owl. It is hard for me to go to bed before 11:30 at night and that is early for me!
  • My middle name Yvonne was my Grandmother's name as well. I feel very special to have shared a beautiful name with her.
  • I read at least one book a week, sometimes two.
  • (another about books) I cannot help myself with new books, the way they smell is sooo delicious to me.
  • I have three tattoos and plan to get more. My favorite is a Peruvian Lily with a nickname of mine and the nickname of my closest friend who lives the farthest away from me. She is in Colombia, S.A.
  • I am obsessed with Reality TV.
  • It is a very rare day when I write in anything other than Blue Ink. I feel if I use a different color I am cheating on my pens.
  • I get embarrassed when somebody else is being embarrassed, in real life or on TV... Can't help it!
  • I have a secret passion for Archeology/Anthropology especially with Meso-American cultures.

These are just a few of my quirks as I have many, many more. They are what make me me!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Something About Introductions

How fascinating meeting new people can be. A smile, shake of a hand or a quiet word. In those first few moments everything can change in your life. A person may never remember whom they met after that initial intro or years down the road in their life it had become a lasting memory.

So here is my introduction to all who may pass by my page and read a few words of me.

I am a woman still searching for her designated spot in this world. What shall I do, what shall I become? For years I am still wondering what is out there for me to grab a hold of. In hopes of somewhat finding this out I have decided to put myself "out" there for any to see.

I am a mother in the begining year of a new life. Still learning as I go but treasuring (almost) every moment. (also a mother to 3 crazy cats who always play mind games with me)

I am a wife falling in love with my husband more each year that we are together.

I am a poet, writer, crafter, artist and wannabe photographer. Every day I try to do something creative even if it is a small row in a scarf I am crocheting.

So these are my tales from a life of diapers, curly hair and fur-balls. Hopefully in a self discovery sort of way.

Welcome to my blog.


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