Monday, June 28, 2010

Starting Something New That Is Old

I have been a wanna-be photographer for a very, very long time. Recently a friend of mine who is a photographer was showing me her pictures that she had matted for a craft fair that she was attending. After talking with her, I realized why haven't I done this myself? I have quite a few photos that I will be adding to my shop soon. I want to do a bit of research first to make sure that I have things organized, but keep posted and I will let you all know when they are up for sale!
The above photo is one of my most recent pictures. Flowers from the Hubs for missing me. I had it printed into a 16x20 and framed it myself. It is now hanging above our kitchen table. I'm in love!!!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sundays with Fritz-The Case of the Green Ball, Or Is It?

A green ball that Mommy handed me a couple days ago, well, I wasn't too sure about what to do with it. Since the World Cup is on and my Mommy is kinda a freak about soccer, I have been playing mostly with my soccer ball of late. However, what to do with this small green one???Then she was nice enough to show me what to do. I felt like such a big boy now, because before she always cut the apple up into slices for me. It took me about an hour to eat, but it was lots of fun! Want a bite??

Friday, June 25, 2010

New Addittions to my Shop!

Happy soon to be 4th of July!
My friend Monica
is a huge 4th of July nut. She loves this holiday, and after realizing that it is coming up next weekend, I wanted to get in the festive mood! I made myself a red, white and blue bracelet and then thought, what the heck!? I'll make one for my shop too! It's just a silly, fun one, but you never know!

I also have added another bracelet to my shop. I have one more new one that I need to put up but I realized there is a part of it that I need to fix first! It's a bit too heavy with the large beads that I used, so I need to shorten it a bit first before adding it.
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Makes Me Smile

Here are a few things to make me smile at the moment...
  • A new tasty wine
  • Evening breezes flowing through the kitchen window
  • Having a singing session with me, myself, and I
  • Rearranging my living room furniture
  • Running through the sprinkler with Fritz
  • My new outdoor shade umbrella
  • Getting my Rya Creations crafts organized
  • Being proud to BBQ all by myself

What are yours?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday Craft Update-3rd Time's A Charm?

Nope... but I had lots of fun anyway! I only sold two items. Boo. But I did learn a very good lesson and have plans for some changes in shows to come. I will stay mum about the lesson, just in case there are certain eyes reading this. I doubt it, but you never know! I was very excited and proud! of me for finally getting some kind of business card out there. I'm sure I will tweak them a little more, but for now I think these were exactly what I was looking for. And of course, hand made by moi.
I also made a simple sign to place on the table to make it a little more formal and professional. Again , just simple!

I knew that it was not really scarf season. There are people out there who wear fashion scarfs during the summer, but I knew they would not be found in my hometown. However, I did decided to bring them just to show some of the new things that I had been working on. Can you spot them?

Now I am going to get ready for the next show coming up in September! Hopefully I will have more types of jewelry to sell, and those will do just that.... sell!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jenny's Flowers

I got to catch up with an old friend this past weekend. It was really great to chat for a couple of hours and really talk. She showed me around her house and her new business. And with her permission I will be posting pictures of her new business soon! But after the ugly beautiful-ness of the tornado pics, I needed some just, beautiful. And fortunately she has that all around her deck at her home. Flowers galore. How nice to be welcomed home by these beauties??

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Well....... We got home from my hometown and stopped at the grocery store, and we got to our house just in time twenty minutes later for some rain to start sprinkling down. As I was looking out our front windows to see the rain and to gauge how big the storm was (we have a great view of miles and miles of our city) I noticed that the clouds in front of us did not look like normal storm clouds. I could see the clouds start to swirl together, and my heart jumped up to my throat and my eyes became saucers. I yelled to the Hubs to look at what I was seeing and then we both just stared. And we knew...
We were seeing something so rare to happen in beautiful Montana and quite frankly (and please excuse the language) we were scarred shit less. We were able to watch the tornado from start to finish and even though it has been a couple hours since it happened, I am still quite shaky. This is NOT something that happens here. In fact, the last tornado in Billings was in 1958. The one today was recorded as an EF2, and all we could do was stand and stare out the window, watching and praying that it would not turn towards us. We live next to some hills, so we do have luck with that, but you never know what can happen.

As we watched, we did discuss what to do if it turned towards us, and we realized that we do not have much for an emergency kit. So perfect time to make a list and figure out a plan. That's what I am going to focus on this week. Because this severe weather thing the planet has going on, is only getting more that, severe. And when things happen in places they rarely, rarely do, it's definitely time to become more prepared.

Luckily there were no fatalities, just millions of dollars worth in damaged business. Flooding, hail and wind has left part of our town in disaster mode, but with the spirit of all Montana residents, we will be cleaned up and bandaged up quickly.

Now, if I can just get to sleep tonight.
P.S. I will try to upload the video that I shot later on Monday.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Busy Week, Busy Day

I have been running around all crazy like this past week, trying to get ready for another craft fair tomorrow in my hometown. I think I'm ready, well, I hope I am anyway! There is always more I wish I could do, as I just get myself too excited in making my creations! I will temporarily be deactivating my listings on my Etsy shop for the day, as I really don't want to accidentally sell something that sold online!!! That would be just my luck probably. But, things that are not listed, that do not sell tomorrow, I will be posting them this week. I've got some awesome new stuff to show all of you!

Wish me luck in making great sales!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Taking a Few Moments

I recently started getting this magazine in the mail and am so in love with it! It was extremely cheap for a year subscription and for me it's even better to look at the beautiful pictures and read the wonderful articles, while stealing a few minutes of time when my babe is napping. Ahh, bliss.

Monday, June 14, 2010

A Tiny Buying Frenzy

With this complete overwhelming desire to change the colors in my life, I have been on a shopping frenzy. Mostly in my head, but with a few actual pieces. Here is a scarf from Afghanistan that I found at a garage sale. The lady of the sale was donated items to raise money to adopt some children from Ethiopia. Her sister is in the Air Force stationed in Afghanistan and sent her lots of scarfs from the local market to help her raise money. Man, I seriously could have bought all of them they were so pretty!
I bought a new blanket for the back of the couch and a lamp shade to match. We found some serious money-off tree photos for a wall that I used the original photos to decorate Fritz's room with. The wall was looking empty but the Hubs and I have serious opposite tastes when it comes to decorating. Luckily we both liked these ones!
That is part of the re-decorating-new-color-scheme thing for me, the different tastes of me and the Hubs. I realized that I was decorating the house in colors that we both liked, but the items or knick-knacks, if you will, were not my 'taste'. Not true to how I like to express myself with my surroundings. And since I am here with Fritz almost 24/7, I decided screw it!!!! I'm going to decorate the damn house to more of my liking! But, I am also not completely throwing my Hubs ideas out the window. I am still letting him help with some of the things. ;)
Anywho, the house is feeling much more me. With new rugs in the kitchen and some items awaiting from a seller on Etsy, I am very excited with my house now.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sundays with Fritz...

I love fake juice!!!!!!

Have a great week everybody!

Fritz....signing off.

Friday, June 11, 2010

The First Trip (And First Scar)

How can a little boy be smiling the day after a late night trip to the ER? Cause he's a Rockstar!!!! After tripping over his own feet and crashing into the kitchen stove, I thought the cries were from just a normal little babe fall. Then I noticed the open wound and immediately grabbed my purse and car keys and off we rushed to the Hospital. In my rushing, I left my back door open too! (All cats accounted for, but I'm sure they had some fun on the prowl in the big back yard).
Luckily, the Dr. gave me the good news that Fritz's wound was not in need of stitches, but that it did need glue to be sealed back up. And this is why I say my kid is a Rockstar. He only cried for a few minutes after it happened, but was fine by the time we got in the car, and he only cried when they cleaned and glued his wound. Any other time he was just fine! Actually, I think he did better than me. No, he did. I was a wreck.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More Garage Sale Fun

Kind of... We had our first garage sale at our house with two other families and it was, quite, stressful. But, we did get a few bucks out of it! I will post some pics of some fun things I found at a few of the other garage sales that were on the same day. Have a great rest of your Tuesday!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I've Got Nothing.

Boring post, beware... but I love how my lamp shade lights up and thought, I just had to have a picture of it.


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