Monday, June 14, 2010

A Tiny Buying Frenzy

With this complete overwhelming desire to change the colors in my life, I have been on a shopping frenzy. Mostly in my head, but with a few actual pieces. Here is a scarf from Afghanistan that I found at a garage sale. The lady of the sale was donated items to raise money to adopt some children from Ethiopia. Her sister is in the Air Force stationed in Afghanistan and sent her lots of scarfs from the local market to help her raise money. Man, I seriously could have bought all of them they were so pretty!
I bought a new blanket for the back of the couch and a lamp shade to match. We found some serious money-off tree photos for a wall that I used the original photos to decorate Fritz's room with. The wall was looking empty but the Hubs and I have serious opposite tastes when it comes to decorating. Luckily we both liked these ones!
That is part of the re-decorating-new-color-scheme thing for me, the different tastes of me and the Hubs. I realized that I was decorating the house in colors that we both liked, but the items or knick-knacks, if you will, were not my 'taste'. Not true to how I like to express myself with my surroundings. And since I am here with Fritz almost 24/7, I decided screw it!!!! I'm going to decorate the damn house to more of my liking! But, I am also not completely throwing my Hubs ideas out the window. I am still letting him help with some of the things. ;)
Anywho, the house is feeling much more me. With new rugs in the kitchen and some items awaiting from a seller on Etsy, I am very excited with my house now.


Monica said...

Yay! Glad to hear you are letting the "you" decorator loose! ;)

Maria Rose said...

Well, I sure thought your home looked lovely!


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