Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Changes of Season

With Spring, there are changes. In the air, in the view. Life coming back to bloom and sunshine warming the days to last longer for those crisp evening nights. And with this new season upon us changing everything around us, it now will be me as well changing.


The reality is a road I never wanted to take but now know that it is the road that has to be taken. I will be stronger, wiser, and above all... happy. With time the wounds will heal and life will be better. For me. And especially for my Son.


With that, my blogging days will not be over, but will be sporadic for awhile. Until my new life can begin. But with the love of my life, my wonderful little boy, I know that anything will be possible now on this new road of ours.




Maria Rose said...

You are in my heart right now, and always friend.

Susan S said...

Praying for you Robin.

Momma CupKate said...

I hope all is well with you. I enjoy your enchanting blog posts very much, but I remember the days when I needed to be devoted to my son only. Kindest regards.

Susan S said...

I just popped in again to wish you a Happy Easter.

Finer Family said...

Miss reading your blog. I hope you are doing well. Furry hugs from the four legged children!

manthy said...

Cool Blog- I will be back and often
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Anonymous said...

Do miss you

meigancam01 said...

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