Monday, December 7, 2009

An Adventure Under Candlelight

Last week I heard a small boom outside and a second later all was dark. It was seven p.m. and trying to find candles while not tripping over toys was pretty comical. I had a few to light that were in my kitchen but alas... the rest were still packed in a box in a closet! A half hour later there were 35 flickering lights letting Fritz and me have a romantic evening together.
After Fritz was put to bed I questioned what to do with my time of no power. So many wonderful things I could think of! Christmas cards to be addressed and written, or reading by soft glowing light. Instead I decided to try a new craft. Not that I really need a new craft, but what the heck.
Hopefully tomorrow I will post a picture of what I have been up to for the past week. I hear Fritz calling me, or rather coughing to me. Both of us are sick with a nasty cold that has lasted almost a week. But unless we are too sick to get out of bed tomorrow, I will post. Promise.

1 comment:

Maria Rose said...

Yikes, I fear power outages this time-o-year, this far north. Can't wait to hear about your new craft


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