Friday, January 7, 2011

Before Sunrise

Never before taking New Year resolutions, I decided this year would be different. A few are quite personal with high hopes of accomplishing them. Last year, was a quite frankly *shitty* year, the worst I have ever had. I want to change that. Starting with myself as I have neglected my inner being for so long. Time for healing and smiles every day.
Something on the list is making me feel like I am back in High School or back at work... waking up to an alarm. I am not a morning person at all. I am the night owl who cherishes the darkness of night and the stillness. And being a SAHM you would think that after all day chasing a toddler I would be passed out by 9pm. Not so for me. In the past it has been midnight to 1am that was my usual bedtime. I am lucky in one sense as my kiddo doesn't wake up at the crack of dawn like most. So it was a rare day when we would wake up before 7:30. Usually between 8 and 8:30. After awhile, where every day is a different time of opening my eyes, it kind of wore me down. I have felt off. And not feeling like my day was getting started until almost lunch time.
I'm changing that now. Three days in to the 7:15 am wake up alarm, and actually I'm getting the hang of it already. Riding a bike. Now there is a few minutes to myself, ALL to myself. Coffee cup in hand, news on the TV, showers with out the curtain being pulled away with giggles... Nice.
But thankfully the weekend is upon us, and I can once again have that morning to sleep in (*wink*).

***P.S. Even though Sunsets are love to me, now, I can acquaint my eyes with an old friend and take that fresh breath of morning air.


Maria Rose said...

Beautiful! I hope you have an amazing 2011!!

Monica said...

That morning time to yourself is the best! Keep up the good work!

Mallory Hatfield said...

I love you and miss you!! Hope 2011 treats you well because you are amazing and deserve the best. Hope to see you more often this year too. (PS I love my scarf, it has been worn often already!)


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