Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Under the Lunar Sky

I just had to.... never before have I seen a Lunar eclipse, so I felt the need to especially make the effort to see this one, considering that an eclipse on the Solstice hasn't happened for a couple hundred years and won't again for a couple hundred years more. I've never viewed a lunar eclipse. It's always been one of those things to add to my life's 'list'. A few years ago on Christmas day I was fortunate to view the Solar eclipse that happened then, but never anything under the night time sky.
And what a beautiful night. Crisp and clear, and completely bone chilling cold outside. But even more so, me, being frozen by the wildness and ancient thrill of those particular minutes viewing an orb that I have loved for so long. How in those moments I was witness to something spectacular.
It was hard to turn my gaze away from the strange colors of red and orange. Normally the silver white light leaves that feeling of comfort and familiarity, and with the freshly fallen snow laying low on the ground, the world was one of illumination and brightness in the dark. Then slowly the creeping darkness did come, until almost all was black. Then something amazing, when the world I knew turned into a foreign dream. The feelings of wonderment and apprehension mixing together as the moon became a stranger. Asking it, friend or foe?

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Monica said...

Why do they have to happen so late at night? If only it had been earlier. Glad you go to stay up to see it! :)


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