Wednesday, February 16, 2011

One of those nights... Summer I miss you.

A perfect (Winter?) day with warm, warm weather and sunshine all around. Fritz and I spent a good hour outside basking in this special day in what normally would be cold and frosty. Moving on into the afternoon, fresh breezes came drafting through the kitchen window. Ahhh. Smelling that fresh breath of air it seemed that with the night approaching it would be perfect for a BBQ. Chancing it? If a BBQ happens are we challenging the weather to say "Hold up there, it's still Winter! What'cha think you are doing?". Maybe.
Man was the food good.
The perfect ending to the sudden special day was the sunset that has been missing for months. It seemed a summer sky sunset of warm, rich colors. Mind tricks. And really so now as the forecast is saying cold and snow to be headed our way. Damn.

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