Tuesday, February 22, 2011

That cup of warm Jo.... wonderful conversations... and people who are amazing..

A good friend came to town this past weekend, so of course we had to meet up for our usual. Usual place, usual coffee, (almost) usual time. She is off in school in the town that we were living in before, which makes our get-together a little more few and far in between with the fact that we moved a month after she got there. It is one of those situations where we've know each other most of our lives, in fact I use to babysit her at the church camp that we would visit to during off season. Through out the years of graduations, and marriages, we 'knew' each other, but never really got to 'know' each other. All that is changing. Now I can call her and count her as one of those people you hope will stay in your lives for many, many years to come. A true friend.
Such and amazing woman she is turning out to be too. Kind and generous of heart. Genuine and funny. There are so many good qualities that she has that make her one of those people that need to be in this world. That make it a better place just having them in your life. The kind of person that makes the world seem extra special in knowing that there are people out there that really, truly care. And she does care. About me, the life she is starting to make, friends, and even my wonderful son (who, by the way, adores her too).
So here's to Mallory. Her cute boots, cheerful smile, just plain awesome-ness, and here's also to our years to come of conversations over that cup of Jo. Cheers lady, you rock!

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