Tuesday, March 22, 2011

And more to make me have the giggles...

More of my purchase from Etsy. I LOVE Etsy and all the wonderful crafters/shops!

*Lovely fun tote bag
*Hot pink crystal earrings to match a ring from a different Etsian

*Beatles lyrics ink printed on a very old dictionary page

For some one (such as I) who once was a once a week shopper, I have since mended my ways to only every so often of shopping bag bliss. Besides the monetary advantages to this practice, the healing part of realizations on not holding on to material 'things' has been quite an eye opener.


Until that shopping bug bites you in the ass and says "Hey chica, where the hell have you been?! We've missed you and get your nice little charge card butt over here!". No, no worries of a shopping addiction, (wink, wink) it's just nice to spend that little bit of cash on me instead of housemaking and humans under 3 feet tall.


***Monica, don't laugh. I swear to you I don't have a problem.... well we know I do, but not shopping! Ok, Ok.... I will admit to a wee bit of over indulgence in this instance, but can you blame me? No, I know you can't. ;) Love you!

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