Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lunches are better when not planned...

My oldest, longest friend (not kidding, we were baby pals) Brianne, was in town yesterday for a doctor visit for her little munchkin-poo. Not having much time to girl talk a lot over the past couple of months, it was nice to sit down over shared salads and egg rolls for that chit-chat over every topic available.
Bri is one of those lights in a persons life that is hard to escape from. Wanting to gravitate towards that wonderful light and be surrounded by it. Her love of friends, vast brain (seriously, ask her anything and she will know something on the subject!) and views on life's little moments are just many of her wonderful qualities. How great is it to be surrounded by people like that? Lovely.

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Maria Rose said...

She is lovely. Just like you!


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