Thursday, February 26, 2009

No Footprints

It did decide to snow today. Yesterday in its gloominess gave us the flakes floating down since the morning. All day the peace of a light snowfall has made me crave a crackling fireplace loaded with the burnt smell of wood and smoke. To me that is one of the smells of comfort. Of home.
My parents have a beautiful fireplace. My father many, many years past placed every red brick surrounding it, circling around and up to the ceiling. It is a pattern I will never forget and I look forward to seeing in my memories when I have no glowing warmth in the house I live in now.
That fireplace was where to come to when home was finally reached after a day outside fighting the bitter cold. Even if there were no flames yet, the anticipation of the first few "crackles" would turn me giddy warming me untill the fire took its stead.
So today looking out on my deck, watching the falling glitter, I dared not to step outside. Too perfect in the soft snow to disturb.

1 comment:

Maria Rose said...

Oh a fireplace. I love a good fire. You really captured the mood!


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