Friday, February 27, 2009

Blue Above, White Below

I was awakened at 4:30 this morning by my husband ready to hurry his morning travels to a distant town for work. The snow had fallen continuously through the dark hours, but when I peered out the window it looked to be daylight. How could so early of the morning be almost as bright as day? Ahhh... the mystery of sleepy eyes was solved.
Realizing that the lights of town had not escaped through the clouds, we set my husband off. It is a treat to have the orange glow surrounding the air. Nights like these happen every winter but are always a happy surprise. This early dawn made me want to grab my coat for a silent walk where no human lights were needed. It would be a wondrous time to stand outside and feel the stillness in the air. No noise, no traffic or wind. No voices to be heard. Just quiet.
As the day progressed and the sun wanted to warm the cold, leaving a crisp sky a radiant pearly blue. Made even more glorious by the twinkling white sparkles of leftover snow on the ground. So blinding after the past few days of gloom.

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