Monday, February 23, 2009

Something About Introductions

How fascinating meeting new people can be. A smile, shake of a hand or a quiet word. In those first few moments everything can change in your life. A person may never remember whom they met after that initial intro or years down the road in their life it had become a lasting memory.

So here is my introduction to all who may pass by my page and read a few words of me.

I am a woman still searching for her designated spot in this world. What shall I do, what shall I become? For years I am still wondering what is out there for me to grab a hold of. In hopes of somewhat finding this out I have decided to put myself "out" there for any to see.

I am a mother in the begining year of a new life. Still learning as I go but treasuring (almost) every moment. (also a mother to 3 crazy cats who always play mind games with me)

I am a wife falling in love with my husband more each year that we are together.

I am a poet, writer, crafter, artist and wannabe photographer. Every day I try to do something creative even if it is a small row in a scarf I am crocheting.

So these are my tales from a life of diapers, curly hair and fur-balls. Hopefully in a self discovery sort of way.

Welcome to my blog.

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