Thursday, October 15, 2009

Friendly Neighbors

The morning after we had moved all of our stuff from town to town, we awoke tired and sore, but ready to start moving things off the truck into the house. As the coffee was brewing and breakfast was being sorted out, my father noticed some non-human neighbors in our front yard.
Next to my Mother's car were a few deer searching for food. These weren't the only ones either. Across the road there were about seven more. I think we counted eleven or twelve in all.
Being a Montana girl born and raised, this isn't really that surprising. Even at our house in Bozeman, during the winter months, we would usually see a couple deer walking through our yard to the little creek across the street. I remember lots of times growing up where my Dad would chase the hungry deer away from our apple trees. And since our new house is close to some hills, I knew we would be seeing the quiet animals sometimes, but not this much!! Every day I see them wandering around. I just hope that is all of the type of critters we will get. I'm not much fond of bears...


Christina Lowry said...

I guess having deer as neighbors is like how we get kangaroos as neighbors in some areas. However, we don't get bears! Fingers crossed you don't either. :)

..... Carmen said...

I guess there goes planting flowers in the Spring heh.... or are there certain flowers deer don't like? :)


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