Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sundays with Fritz-The Case of the Moving Day

Hi all, I'm back!!! Mommy finally had enough time to sit me at the computer to let me do my post tonight. Sorry I have been gone for so long, but it is quite time consuming setting up house. So many new things to play with and discover. I'm having the best time!
So let's get to the post, shall we? Moving day was quite exciting. I wasn't too sure what exactly was going on, as people kept making my house that I had known for over a year get emptier, and emptier. It was sad to say goodbye to my room and my first real home, but Mommy reassured me that I would be happier at the new place. I told her I didn't really care where I was as long as she and Daddy and all my toys were there. I guess the cats too!
Grandpa took me for lots of rides on the big red gizmo. I'm not sure what it was for, but it sure was fun being pushed around in it. I kept climbing on it to go for a ride, even when people kept telling me that I would have to wait 'cause they were busy doing other stuff.
It was a really long day, and I only had to sleep in my portable crib for one night. The next day Mommy and Daddy set up my room and it was sure a lot of fun to find all of my cool toys that had been missing for a couple of days!

Fritz... signing off.
P.S. Yes that is a coconut bra that I am wearing. Daddy got it as a present from somebody and let me play with it. It makes the coolest noises when you clack them together!


Maria Rose said...

Nice socks too! Glad the move went well.

..... Carmen said...

I have to say I love his socks! Hopefully he has adjusted well to the move and isn't keeping you up all hours of the night wondering where he is. I didn't even notice the coconut bra until you mentioned it!


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