Monday, October 12, 2009

Trying to Sell Scarves in 90 Degree Heat

Yep, not that great of an idea. I did sell more than I thought, but not as many as I had hoped to sell. The total was eight and one necklace. It was so unbelievably hot outside that I am actually quite surprised any were sold! We did however, score a great location underneath a huge old tree. We had a canopy ready at hand just in case, but never needed to use it. I was set up next to other crafters, so it was very nice to speak with others who had something else to share.

It was a great experience and I did have lots of fun. Maybe I will try it again next year?

There is another craft fair in my hometown on December 5th that I will be having a booth at. Hopefully it will be really, really cold and I will sell lots!!


Christina Lowry said...

Oh no! Hot weather and scarves isn't a good mix, but I think you did really well! I think you will have better luck in December, as they would make great Christmas presents too. I love knitting scarves, but I never get to wear them, as it is rarely cold enough here. I usually end up giving them away to my sister, as she lives on a mountain and it gets colder up there! :)

..... Carmen said...

That's too bad! Obviously these people did not have insight that the hot weather won't last :) Hopefully you sell more on Dec. 5th!

Maria Rose said...

Oh yes, I am sure you'll be even more successful at a winter craft fair. Hmmm, now you need to come up with a cool summer scarf for next summer.


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