Friday, July 9, 2010

A Night Under the Warm Sun

We knew of a free concert that is held at a nursing home/assisted living complex, and also knew that a cousin would be signing and playing (the one on the right with the tie-dyed shirt). How fun to spend a warm evening with good food, good music, and good family!
Fritz had a lot of fun dancing on Grandma's lap. He was back and forth between Grandma and Grandpa as he couldn't quite decide who was more fun. Definitely not me!

Fritz also got to enjoy his very first, very own ice cream cone. Of course he made a mess, but isn't it worth the clean up to see the happy smiles of a wee one and his ice cream?

And of course we had to stop and talk to all the ducks at the complex. And what a beautiful complex it is! Evenings like this are so precious and wonderful. I have plans to keep this fun up, and I'm sure Fritz won't disagree.

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Monica said... cream! Summer nights are the best!


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