Friday, July 23, 2010

Techno Night Off

A crazy storm passed by us a night ago, and as the wind was pelting the windows with bits of broken trees with sheets of rain falling like misting clouds, I decided it was a perfect time to take a night off from TV and computer. How addicted are we as a society (most of us anyway) to either be attached to our phone/computer/TV?
Snuggling up on the couch with Melba-Fritz long passed out from a day of play-and a light blanket, the book I was reading seemed oh so much better than before. But I think most of all my brain is thanking me. Hmm... this might be a good goal to do at least once a week. Who's in?


Maria Rose said...

I am always in! Getting rid of cable was one choice that I will never regret!

Jules said...

Thanks for the lovely comment left on my blog about the whole "feeling alone" times! Checking out your blog now and I must say that the first thing I read (this post) is so true. I feel like I'm too dependant on my electronic devices and I hate it. I'm consciously trying to not check my blackberry so's hard! haha... take care and keep the posts coming :)

Monica said...

I agree! I love the quite times when nothing is on in the house. Far and few between this summer! The teenager is addicted to watching Lois and Clark ~ Superman! Curling up and watching a good storm pass through is a good time!


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