Monday, August 2, 2010

Let's Get the Music On!

We had a wonderful evening last Thursday when the Hubs came home a day early from work to check out the free concert. For any Idol fans (I'm not really one-sorry) Danny Jones who was on last season, graced us with his awesome voice. He is a local kid who will definitely make it very big!
The sun was warm, the music wonderful, and having family near to share the evening is everything that can make a night full of happiness.
Finding a beautiful flower garden that was not discovered the last time we went to the concert, also can make some happiness come alive.
And of course... a stop at the ducks pond. That makes Fritz smile with happiness.Can't wait for the next time...


Monica said...

What a pretty flower!

Maria Rose said...

So perfect, and you had such handsome escorts to the concert!


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