Friday, August 6, 2010

Let's Get The Wax On

I'm not one to really give shout-outs to products, but this one... I just have to put it out there. I have known and used this lotion for most of my life. My Mother use to have jars of it around the house and would give it out for presents to friends and family, but sadly for me over the years I have forgotten about this awesome product.
In trying to get my poor little babe's eczema legs under control, we have gone through appointments at Dermatologist, and regular Doctor visits, and have tried multiple recommendations for keeping Fritz's poor legs looking nice and smooth. Prescription cortisone cream does help, but it's not something that can be used for continuously. I believe that we have tried around 5 different lotions and potions to help keep the eczema under control, but so far nothing works that great. Until now!
After thinking about other options to try, for some reason Wool Wax popped into my head. I knew it couldn't hurt, but where to find it?? It's not a product that is easily available at every store as it is a Made In Montana product. Thankfully it was found, and many jars were purchased. And the greatest news?? IT WORKS! If we put it on Fritz (pretty much all over his body) twice a day, his legs heal up nicely and he isn't bothered with all the itching and scratching!
So for any out there who need a lotion to contain those serious skin issues (i.e. dryness, cracked, eczema) feel free to go to and get some!
Please note that even though the name is Wool Wax, no animals are ever harmed in making this product. It actually comes from their wool, hence the name. I guess many years ago, some sheep farmers noticed how wonderful their hands always were during shearing season compared to the rest of the year and figured out it had something to do with the wool. Then they were smart enough to turn it into a lotion for the rest of us. Well, thank you to them!!!

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..... Carmen said...

That's awesome you were able to find something! I had severe eczema when I was little (to the point my Mom would saran wrap my arms so that I couldn't scratch at night and that the lotion could sink in). The only product we ever found to work was one made from horses hooves. I have noticed Aidan has mild eczema right now - I will keep this product in mind!


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