Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sundays with Fritz-The Case of the Movies!

Hi all! A few weeks ago Mommy, Daddy and I had a popcorn movie night! It was fun and although I didn't watch all of the movie (really, I only stay for the popcorn) it was nice to have a family fun night.
AND... last weekend I got to go to my second movie at the theatre! My Grammy had some free tickets so we headed for the show and some more yummy popcorn. Grammy and Mommy knew that I would not be able to sit still for the entire movie and they were right! I tricked them though, and lasted longer than they thought I would. Long enough to eat almost every popcorn bag in sight!
If you are wondering the first movie I went to I was only a couple weeks old, so really I don't remember it at all, but Mommy said to tell you all that I slept through the entire thing!
Fritz signing off....

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Monica said...

Oh ya....popcorn is so good! Aaaahhh...I remember the days you could bring bambino to a movie and he'd fall asleep. I think he'd terrorize the entire theatre if I took him now! LOL Glad you had fun Fritz-y!


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