Monday, September 20, 2010

The great sneak out...

When having a toddler running from outback to the house and back again, guaranteed you will have an open door from time to time. As I was stepping outside to pick up toys and take a breath of that fresh evening-soon-to-be-Autumn air, I heard a meow. Turning my gaze I caught her. Melba. Having a bit of fun chasing grasshoppers and snacking on a bit of freshly mowed grass.
My cats do NOT go outside. In fact in the (almost) five years that we have had Alfie, she has never been outside unless in a carrier. Since our yard is completely fenced in, I feel OK if the fur-balls roam outside when they sneak out. But I do not want it to become habit for them.
After letting Melba rumble around in the yard with me tailing her for cute kitty pictures, I scooped her up to carry her back to the house. Of course, then all the other kitties had to 'smell' her and ask her about her great adventure.


Maria Rose said...

We have indoor kitties too! Once we took Ophelia out on a leash. I think you can guess how well that went.

Monica said...

What a rebel! Did she at least get rid of some of the grasshoppers for you?

Finer Family said...

We're jealous! We snuck out once but only made it 3 feet from the door because we didn't know what to do! We will stick to being lazy around the house and let you have all the fun adventure!

Timpleton & George

Anonymous said...


Thanks for writing this blog, loved reading it


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