Saturday, September 11, 2010

Never Forget.

Today. 9/11. I can still smell and hear all in the lobby of the hotel I worked. I was stuck behind the desk, answering phone call after phone call. Trying to help people in the fact that we were all stuck. No planes, no flights to anywhere. People booking extra nights, or checking back in. The lobby filled with people staring at the TV with solemn expressions.
And me? Confusion. Because I was really the only one working at the hotel during those hours (I'm not kidding, all other personnel were watching the TV-managers, housekeeping, bar staff). I didn't really fully get to understand what was going on until after work, after my dentist appt, after traveling home.
Then it hit me. At home with my roommates, the exhaustion and sadness of the day left me speechless.
After hearing news reports full time for days on end, my boyfriend at the time and I decided that we needed to get away. So we loaded the car for a quick camping trip with no radio and no TV. But the crazy part was the silence...
No planes in the sky. I remember that most from those days. It's a wonderment to have a particular sound coming from the outside world in your everyday life. And then to have that gone. I remember being outside my town house, looking up at the sky and hearing, nothing. It was eerie in a way that really felt empty, for lack of a better word.
So here we are, nine years later, but still feeling so recent in time. Still the questions in the air of why, and how could they do this to other humans no matter our problems. To know that our world has come to this where others hate so badly, they would do anything to show power over others. So how do we find peace? Maybe in the everyday sunset, where the beauty of our world can help us heal and know that there is always a tomorrow.
It hurts to watch video of those days, but important, I think, at the same time. So that yes, we never forget.

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Monica said...

Funny, I just posted about this. I think it is important to never forget. I know I will never forget that day as long as I live.


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