Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sundays with Fritz-The Case of the Cheese-y Place

On Saturday night, Mommy and Daddy had decided to take me to ChuckECheese. It's a place that drives my Mommy crazy, but she told me that she had had a birthday there (at the same place!) when she was a wee one like me.
We got to eat pizza, and watch other kids run around all crazy. There were also a lot of games to play on. It was so much fun that by the time it was bedtime, I passed right out from all the excitement!
Having family fun nights is so much, well, fun!!!
~Fritz... signing off.


Sassy Scribbles said...

oh I know you had the best time! I can see from those smiles!!! you're too cute!



..... Carmen said...

You can tell Fritz I actually had my Stagette at Chuck E Cheese - lol. My GF organized it and we had spent so much time there after piano recitals when we were little that she found it only appropriate. She rented out the whole joint and we had a blast :)


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