Monday, October 4, 2010

Mini-Vacay Day 1--Let's get some Jo.

These next few posts were intended for last week, but alas... I was down with the sickness. Boo.
All flights were on time and tiredness from the early morning was pushed aside with excitement of the weekend. First stop was for Thai food. I have never tasted this cuisine so my mouth was all ready watering with possibilities of new found flavors. Coconut soup and jasmine tea were starters. Different, not wonderful, but so glad I tried them.

After unloading suitcases and bags at my cousins wonderful, beautiful new house we both needed a bit of a pick-me-up. Luckily the weather was quite perfect for a walk to a shopping center close the the house. And even better the walk was with such a picturesque street!

Enjoying the walk and the scenery, the buzz and energy of a bigger city, the best though, was just sitting down with a nice hot latte and chatting away an hour with one of my most favorite people.

Later that day, back at the house, I ventured outside to my cousins vast back yard. Ahhh... what a place!! Grape vines, mixed types of trees, flowers galore. And of course with the Portland weather, droplets of rain to be found on everything.

A quiet evening then was spent with family and their new wee one. Taking pictures of cute little hands and a smiling face. Home cooked dinner and laughter. And finally a bed to pass out on from exhaustion.
First day?? Awesome.


Monica said...

I have also never tried thai food but I am a little scared to. Portland looks so pretty!

Maria Rose said...



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