Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday Craft Update~~Busy Beading

*I Do*


*Golden Sunrise*

It seems like that is all I have been doing for almost two weeks! I have gotten into such the 'groove' that I'm not even cleaning up at night and leaving all crafts out so I can start on them again after breakfast. Thank goodness for some cartoons in the morning, so I can go about pretty much undisturbed.
I believe I have made around ten new bracelets, and slowly they are being listed in my shop. And in great news one of my new items was listed in a treasury! I was very excited about that.
*Treasury is where owner's pick different items from different shops to have a collection. If the Etsy team likes your pick of collections over others, they will show it on the front page. BIG advertising for your store could happen!!
In other crafty news... I have decided to put off the photographs for just a bit longer as with the change in season, it would be much smarter to put up my scarfs! That is the goal between now and Thanksgiving. Maybe not all of the scarfs listed but at hopefully some!

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..... Carmen said...

Congrats on being picked for the Treasury! That's awesome! :)


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