Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mini-Vacay Day 3-Part 1~~~Luxury!

Relaxing for a few moments to pop a few pieces of salt water taffy in your mouth whilst staring at the waves crashing and hearing the roar of such a powerful water source drown your ears. Yep, that's definitely the best way to spend a day/night at the beach. Beach front resorts!!

My cousin had planned for us a night away from Portland to drive to Cannon Beach. I have been to a couple other towns in that area, but I don't recall being at this particular one. Having so much fun, laughing and car dancing on the way over, we were greeted with beautiful sunshine and awe at the luck of such awesome weather. Granted, it did only last about an hour, but hey! Can't win it all! Being too early to check in to the resort we started to journey towards the town area and find a place for lunch. Such cute stores and businesses there!

Wandering up and down streets after a yummy lunch, camera in hand, the middle part of the day being the best so far. Heading back to the hotel to check-in, a small detour to head to the beach to gaze across the ocean and feel the sea-spray slap your face.

Dressed up and feeling all girlie, and evening of something new awaited us. A cooking class/dinner combo with amazing food and wine. Trying things new for the taste buds. Some scrump-deli-umpcious, some... not. But hey! Anything once right?

And dessert... nothing more really to say about that, except maybe YUM.

Tummy's full and heads swimming with good wine, the hotel suite was beckoning us with soon to be sleep. The best part? Falling asleep to the waves crashing on the beach.

But before that, to take a few moments to myself, I ventured out side. Late in the evening I wandered down the sandy path to try to see the moonless night ocean. Standing with the wind, sand, and sea spraying me down, my hair tossing in circles, the darkness of night gave me those few moments to let my mind find that calm, quiet place it so rarely has.

Beach photos tomorrow!


Monica said...

What a cute town!

Maria Rose said...

What a perfect day! We're headed there this spring!


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