Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mini-Vacay Day 2---Let's take a drive and get some pizza.

More pictures of a wonderful, fun wee one. Taking a few minutes of time to have smiles and drools and laughs before shopping and naps in a stroller take place. And oh! The shopping! It was so fun to find some new pieces to add to my non-existing-woman-stay-at-home-mom-only wardrobe. Seriously, some cute pieces.

After exhaustion from stores and changing rooms, wearing one of those new outfits to drive through downtown Portland and head to a different location for a hip pizza joint. I love the entrance from the freeway tunnel to downtown. It just pops up, boom.
I remember the last time I visited during a Thanksgiving holiday and how an afternoon was spent walking the streets downtown with the Christmas decorations and holiday music just starting up. The streets were alive and bubbling with the first hours of holiday shopping.

Half way there... being stopped at a bridge to let a boat through. How exciting!!! I have always wanted to be stopped like this. Alas, though, we were a few cars too many behind to get much of a view.

On to new types of pizza and conversations with strangers. More laughter and stories of funny daily lives. A two hour dinner with memories to last a lifetime.
Back at the house, stepping outside to drink in some fresh night air, I noticed that the landscaping takes on such a wondrous night life all its own. A little up-lighting here and there and smells of blooms still holding on pushing the limits of Summer gone by, sure can bring a nice calm breath to a tired mind and body.
And tomorrow... the beach.

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