Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sundays with Fritz-The Case of the Missing Binky

Hi there! My name is ***** a.k.a. Fritz. My mom decided it was time for me to start this blogging thing... Not too sure what a blog is but oh well! I will do as I am told (ha ha.. that's what SHE thinks anyway).
I had a pretty good week, but I need to get something off my rather small chest. I don't get what the prob is when my mom starts to freak out about my binkies. I mean, there are always hundreds of them sitting in their designated "B" bowel. (note picture below)

So what do you ask is the problem? Somehow they always disappear! If I don't get to have one after my food, let me tell you, it ain't a good thing. I have to have one, it's my fix, ya know? So why does Mom have to freak out so much when she doesn't have one on hand? I can wait(kinda). I will just cry at her until she gets one. Not such a big deal, right? I especially like to have one placed gently in my mouth right before bedtime. It's the best! Me and my binky have the best time together when we are ready to hit slumber land (um.. not the store-I can't drive yet, sheesh!). So as Mom and Dad were putting me to bed last night-Dad was holding me-every thing was in place. Had my blue blanket to snuggle with-check. Had a fresh diapy-check. Favorite binky-check, you wait... What?!?! Where the heck was it!!! Mom says something about seeing it pop out of my mouth and Dad says he has no clue where it went to. It was pretty funny watching Mom looking under the blanket, all over the floor, in the crib and it was nowhere to be found! Mom kept staring at Dad and his cool orange shirt (it's one of my fave's on him-I like the bright colors, man) when suddenly she starts laughing and pointing at Daddy. Now by this time I am confused and getting a little perturbed that they haven't just given me a replacement one already when Mom reaches inside of Dad's shirt and pulls out my Binky! Dad was just trying to hide it from me I guess. All was well after that.
Until next time... Fritz signing off.
P.S. I still haven't told Mom that I chucked one of the binkies under the couch!


Maria Rose said...

Ha ha! Fritz has a long blogging career I believe.

..... Carmen said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I once found four soothers lined up in a row under my daughters crib - lol. They seem to always have a secret stash ;)


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