Thursday, November 18, 2010

Boo, where are you?

Well hiding of course! During the hours when Fritz is up and about, running crazy all over the house, the cats seem to hide out on my bed. It's funny when all three are sleeping there, then Fritz comes in and thinks he won the kitty jackpot. Although Boo has the right idea. Usually you can't see him at all. He hides behind the pillows on top of two flat pillows (which are now his) and sleeps the day away without being bothered. Much.

Alfie doesn't care much. She sleeps anywhere in the bed always on sleep-high-alert-for-kids-my-eyes-are-always-open-and-I-will-be-watching-for-you. As soon as she hears little feet walking close, she is up and away faster than a speeding bullet. Not kidding either, it's quite funny.

Ahh cats. They make sometimes boring mornings, all that much more interesting.

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