Friday, November 19, 2010

Open windows, the white stuff, and #305

Such a lovely morning, afternoon we were having yesterday. Such warmth coming from the sun, shinning brightly, but, maybe too brightly?? It's almost Thanksgiving in MONTANA! Hey weather, seriously, what's up? Fresh breezes were filling our house. I figured I would be pushing my luck with the weather, but just had to have that window open. Maybe for the last time in the months to come.
But... later in the early evening, the clouds rolled in and the yellow glow of light turned to blue and gray. Temperature dropping fast, the wind picking up even faster. Nothing happened for awhile. For a few hours, a standstill in the weather world.
After Fritz was in bed, while picking up the days worth of little kiddo fun, a glance outside and magic! Would it last? Would it snow all night long? Would there be a winter wonderland to see the next day?

Yes. And lots of it! It's still snowing actually! Fritz and I will have to make an adventure out of it soon. It would be loads better, if I could teach a 2.5 month old how to shovel. Not too early for chores, is it?

And finally.... somehow I am on post #305. I had no idea I had that many!

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Monica said...

Gotta suck up those last nice days, especially when they're in November!!


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