Friday, December 3, 2010

My creative space?

I've been busy getting ready for a Holiday craft show this Saturday (tomorrow!) with not a lot of extra time for blogging or FB. Oh darn, not like it wasn't good for me or anything! My craft boxes (the pink ones on the table) are all packed up and ready to go. Everything is labeled and priced and ready to sell! But I first had to make 5 new bracelets yesterday and finish a scarf or two. ;) Here is one of the bracelets. I made 5 in total and was craving to make more, but knew I didn't have the time. 'Tis ok. In my older years, my left thumb has not been wanting to cooperate with beading as much lately.
Going through the scarf pile, I realized that I have made 12 new ones this year. That's a sad pitiful number for me, but with the hand problems of past and being a bit burnt out, oh well. I will have enough to make my booth look good, so no worries there. But... I do have the craft bug again, so I'm sure that number will be changing fast!

Have a crafty, or just plain fabulous week! I'm sure many out there are in the decorating mood, and we will be joining in on that on Sunday. Can't wait!
***And P.S. ...... I finally did it! I finally got myself a new sewing machine! Is it weird to be so excited about that??


Yolanda said...

You have a lovely creative place. I hope hope you have a lovely weekend.

Jules said...

Nice! I love doing crafty things :) Wish I had more time to spend on doing it though..


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