Monday, December 13, 2010

My little one.

Fritz seems to be growing up too fast these days. Multiple new words spoken every day leading into longer sentences and conversations. Realizing that there is a person called Santa who brings presents. Tasks and chores without Mommy or Daddy's help.
But I am still holding on to the many giggles and chases around the house, the stories before bed time and the 'hewoo Mommy's that I hear a thousand and one times a day. Keeping these moments of childhood, precious and always in my heart.


Christina said...

Gosh! He really has grown so much. He is such a darling little boy, isn't he?


Suzie said...

These moments are so precious, they will always warm your heart! My "boys" are 20 and 15, how time flies...

Roxanne and Lorraine said...

I love the learning new words stage. It's like they never cease to amaze. He's an adorable kid.


Monica said...

Seriously love the hat. So fitting for him.


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