Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thanks Deer, hello right back to ya...

I'm not too sure what the deer of the neighborhood are really trying to tell me. I kind of feel like I have a crop circle type situation going on. But it was pretty entertaining and surprising to see these letters out in the snow of our front lawn. It does look more like an 'e' and than definitely an 'r', but I do like to think that it is a 'c' for my little wee one's first name connected to mine.
I thought for sure someone was playing a trick on me (Hubs), but the next day I did see with my own eyes a deer walking through the letter tracks, and yep, they are the same kind!
Oh deer... how genius you are!


Yolanda said...

This is too funny.Hope you are having a good week.

Monica said...

That is great! Maybe they are sending you a message. Like - "we are nice deer. come walk with us" LOL ;)


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