Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sundays with Fritz- The Case of the "I Don't Like Packing!"

Let me tell ya something folks... I don't like all of this packing business that's been going on. There's boxes everywhere, and all of my favorite drawers and cabinets keep becoming empty! How am I suppose to play with mystery objects if they keep disappearing into boxes I can't open??!?!
Oh, when, oh when will this end?!
Mommy says to be patient that all will be getting normal again. But not at the house that I know! But... hmm. I guess there will be plenty of new adventures and discoveries to be made at the new place, right?


robert said...

After moving we did not have warm water for nearly two weeks, neither a place to put the clothes, and only one outlet of electricity per room. All went well and improves every day - patience indeed is the key, I assume.

Maria Rose said...

I meant to ask you how he was dealing with the I know.

Christina Lowry said...

Poor Fritz! You will have so much fun though when you move. Poor mummy and daddy are going to have to be on their toes as they unpack. You will be able to hide in boxes, steal newspapers, hide things they are trying to unpack... so much fun to be had! Then lots of exploring too! Hang in there! :)


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