Thursday, September 17, 2009

The First Leaf and a Few Updates

I watched the first leaf of soon to be Autumn fall today. It floated gracefully around before hiding out of sight. So the days of beautiful green, lush, leaves are almost gone. That's okay... I'm not unhappy, as Fall is my absolute favorite season.
The festival is this Saturday, and I have completed 48 scarves! I feel pretty good about that number as I am still working hard to get to 50, but I think I might be finishing the last one on the day of the festival. It has been a real challenge with trying to make my goal and organize a big move to a different city, while still being a Mom.
Well, this is to be just a quick post as I need to catch some zzzz's to wake up early and drive over two hours to close on our house! Yep, the day has finally arrived! It was suppose to happen on Wednesday, but was delayed for two days. I wasn't worried, it was just challenging to re-think all of the plans that were already in place. As Fritz left with Grandma today to stay for the weekend, I reminded him that although I won't see him for a couple of days it was important for us to be apart so we could get that piece of the American Dream!


..... Carmen said...

48 - I'm very impressed! Good luck at the festival :)

Maria Rose said...

Good luck with everything. Let us know how the festival went and congratulations on closing on your house!!!!!!!!!!111

jane said...

you go girl! good luck!


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