Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sundays with Fritz-The Case of the Roll-Ups

Last Sunday morning, Mommy woke up craving something that she was saying is a family traditional breakfast. I guess they are like crepes? Don't know what those are either, but I'll smell/try anything I guess.

Of course I had to poke and prod the weird tortilla looking thing. It was soft and smelled 'bread-y' and the light butter and sugar inside sounded promising.

Daddy gave me a bite, and I did eat that first bite. But... yeah... I'm not so sure I like these things. But this Sunday morning, Mommy wanted to give it another go (she said she was still craving them) and this time I ate an entire one by myself! Mommy did say that I can't have them every weekend, as they are a special treat, and I think she packed the pan away already! Boo.

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