Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wednesday Craft Update-A Day Late!

Yep, I'm a day late for the update. We are suppose to close on our house in less than a week, but I find out tomorrow if the closing will be delayed by a week. I'm okay with that, as then I have more time to make more scarves for the festival that is next weekend!!
I'm am surprisingly right on schedule for my goal of 50 scarves. I am currently finished with 47 and have started on another tonight. I thought I had finally found the yarn color to go with the blanket that I wanted to finish, but when I brought it home it didn't match. Yep, going to have to nix that blanket as nobody in town has that color anymore. Oh, well. I might have to just reuse the yarn for a scarf!
I also received in the mail my official announcement of what booth I will be in at the festival. Makes it more real now! For a couple of years I kept telling myself that I should do this, but never found enough guts to go through with it. Now there is no backing out and I actually feel a teeny tiny bit nervous!
My fear is that I will be one of those booths where people walk by, look, and keep on walking. I do feel that if I can sell enough to cover the cost of the festival booth, than I would at least come away with a new experience.
Here are only three of the scarves that I have completed for this week. The total done was 5... pressure can sure make my fingers work faster!

BIG thick heavy Aqua colored yarn.
(So thick and big was the yarn, that it was actually the hardest yarn to crochet as it made my fingers hurt pretty badly after only one row!)

Purple Fuzzy Yarn.

Aqua Blue Fuzzy Yarn.
(I'm in love with Aqua Blue!)

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Maria Rose said...

Don't worry about your booth. Just go there and have a great time! Eric and I had a booth at what was supposed to be an art festival (it wasn't) and we didn't sell a thing, but the experience was awesome. We saw some real pros at work and met some really nice people.
I hope you have fun!


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