Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wednesday Craft Update

My camera battery is currently charging so I was not able to take a picture of the two completed scarves that I have for this week. So... I decided to throw in these darling photos of Fritz when he was ten months old helping me with a scarf. He thought it was just the most silly thing to have that yarn on his head!

So two more completed to add to the pile. I had started on another and got half way through when I discovered that the hook had disappeared! I think my couch ate it, but I'm too scared to go rummaging around as it has been quite awhile since I removed the cushions for a good vacuum. Until I get up the courage, that one is waiting. In that scarf limbo, I started a new local University scarf as I do believe that those specific color scheme ones will sell quite well with the festival being at the perfect time for football season at that school. I only have three in those colors so the more the (hopefully) more money!


..... Carmen said...

Grace was about that same age when she loved to get into my yarn and tangle it around herself :) How many scarves have you completed now? I'm very impressed!

Christina Lowry said...

Cohen got a hold of a ball of yarn and just kept grabbing it with both hands and pulling his arms as far apart as they would go. He sure was having fun! More fun than I had trying to untangle it! How cute does your little man look here?! I love quirky photos like this. :)

Maria Rose said...

He's just so freaking cute.

Good call on the couch cushions!Save it 'til Halloween.

jane said...

too too cute! besos-jane


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