Wednesday, March 17, 2010

This Will Make You Hungry

Yes, I am sure that there were a few vacation pounds put on. Especially with all of the yummy goodness that was to be had in the big city.
My sister and I took the kids to what she claims is her most fave place to eat in her new home of Pittsburgh, PA. And it was good too. The first three pics are of some of the tasty treats we had at that particular lunch. The chocolate moouse (yeah, I have no idea how you spell that) was heavenly and I had to put the picture first as it looks so pretty! Fritz had just as much good time eating this as I did. His face was proof afterwards!

A very awesome fried zucchini appetizer that we shared. Never had zucchini made this way but of course anything fried is going to be good.

My chicken parmigiana that was so big it was not to be finished. In fact, except for the dessert we were able to make a meal out of all of the leftovers for five people later that night!

This creme brulee was at a downtown place in Columbus, Ohio. Martini something. I only allow myself to have this goodness once in a couple of years as it really does not love me back. That's ok though, as I will put up with feeling sick for a couple of hours just for that 10 minutes of eyes closed with mouth watering delight!

My first chocolate martini! My sister made me one and although I am not one to sip coolly out of an actual martini glass, this was just fine and dandy to me. Sadly (I guess) I stopped myself at only one. Boo.


Maria Rose said...

Sounds like you had a great time!

Monica said...

YUM! Food....the dessert looks very delicious!


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