Thursday, March 18, 2010

Take Your Pick, Any Bridge Will Do

I heart bridges. I really do, and Pittsburgh is second (to Venice, Italy) for the most bridges in one city. Oh! I wish that I could have traveled on them all!

Three Ways Travel
It was a wondrous surprise to find this little tucked away place where two almost appeared to collide with each other.

Into The Dusk

Traveling to dinner one night, going into downtown Pittsburgh, this became my new favorite bridge. I love the wrought iron feel and the heavy industrial look. And yes, I do realize that most bridges do look a tad industrial, but for me? beauty. Yep, I'm a bit of a strange gal.


Christina said...

I think you might like th Sydney harbor bridge then! It is beautiful. I have been to Venice and the bridges there are fantastic too, but I would never have guessed that Pittsburgh is second after Venice for most bridges! :)

Heart jewelry said...

It's very nice bridges.

Monica said...

I would love to see the bridges in Venice Italy!


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