Monday, March 22, 2010

Fruit, Fruit, and More Fruit!

The spring and summer seasons bring to mind, besides blossoming trees and bumble bees, fruit that is ripe for the eating. One of my most favorite times last summer before we moved would be when Fritz and I would walk over to the local grocery store that was just across the street from us. They had the best selection of fresh fruit so at least once a week we would seek out anything looking really yummy.
Now that we are living in a new town, and the grocery store here is two or more miles away (also note that the new closest store has a produce section that makes me shiver in ugh, yuck-ness) I know that Fritz and I won't be able to do what we had in the past. Of course we will still go for walks, but sadly now we will have to drive almost ten miles to find yummy fruit goodness.

Side note... The pictures were taken at a Giant Eagle store where the produce selection was in a bigger area than my house! They even had room for an old time tractor to be decorated with fresh flowers to buy.


Maria Rose said...

Yes, we miss the produce we could get in the city.

Monica said...

Make a garden in your back yard and get some of your own yummy produce!!

Robin said...

Yeah only if the deer wouldn't eat all of it first!


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